10 Car Repairs You Should Not Do Yourself

Nothing is more frustrating than getting excited about fixing a broken car on your own only to discover that the repairs required are far beyond your abilities as a mechanic. 

Yes, there are some simple fixes that anyone can do in their garage, but knowing when to call in the professionals is perhaps the most valuable piece of advice we can provide.

So, here are the ten car repairs you should not do yourself and ask assistance from professionals like Car Mechanics in Melbourne.

Bodywork and paint

Body repairs and paint jobs in cars require specialized equipment and specific individuals trained for the job. Between all the oily parts and the tedious work, one of these jobs where technically inclined personnel are the only choice. 

Tackling this might be your biggest nightmare if you’re aiming for a classy car. Bubbles, uneven sanding, and other hideous problems might add up in your beaten car. If you think painting is more manageable, then it isn’t. Uneven colouration and over-spraying might be the recipe for ruining your dream look. We understand this is an expensive repair, but we realize that it all needs to be done over again. 

Being exposed to the things that make your car look good might affect your health. Paint fumes are a risk to your lungs and the possible slip-ups you might make while using those tools. 

The messy job of painting your car and doing bodywork by yourself might not fit your patience in the first place. So let a Car Mechanic Melbourne do it with an unstressed mind and a better-looking car.

Windshield replacement

 A windshield replacement is as close as complicated to a hip replacement in medical terms. No one wants to pick up windshield shards in your console and driver seat, you might consider asking for a car mechanic’s help. They have those specialized tools that can pop it easily in less than a day.

Repairing the AC system

AC systems are more complex than they look. It is plain outside with a few vents, but inside it is a maze of airways that might not be done with a YouTube guide. Doing it yourself might also cause more harm to other systems in your car.

Also, without the proper precautionary tools, it might risk your health since it contains harmful gasses. It is always quick when a professional does it since they know better.

Electric systems repair 

Electrical repairs are complicated. As cars get more modern, with many systems adding up, it is more complex for average users to fix. 

With programs such that only car mechanics know how to interpret, it’s better not touch them at all. The number of wires involved might also not fit your patience. 

Modern cars already contain a computer that allows them to diagnose themselves. A series of sensors all over the car will send information to the computer. It will display the blinking lights of your console. Fixing these yourself might damage your car’s diagnostic system and will damage your car. 

If you don’t fix your computer, you shouldn’t touch your car’s ECU either. Only ASE technicians and trained mechanics should fix it.

Fuel pump

A fuel pump’s job is to bring fuel from the tank to your engine. It is so delicate that a few wrong screws might let you buy a new one, making installations very expensive. Since it is pretty pricey, some drivers attempt to fix these things independently. 

Messing this up is so common that buying a new car is your other option. High-quality fuel will reduce the risk of damaging your fuel pump, making it last longer. Asking for assistance from a Car Mechanic in Melbourne can save time and effort. 


Your car’s transmission is one of the greatest engineering marvels in the modern world. With complex gears and the way it is positioned, only a few people know how to get into them. 

Fixing it yourself might risk your driving since it controls your speed and torque. It is also easier to break it apart and put it back together again. So let a Car Mechanic in Melbourne do it to cost you less hassle.


The radiator’s function is one of the most important in the car; it prevents your car from heating up. The hoses inside the radiator are so difficult to fix that only dexterous mechanics can do it. 

If you can’t connect the hoses properly, it might cost you a new engine. Leaving it to professionals will prevent you from having these DIY mishaps.


Fixing the brakes yourself is not that difficult compared to other car parts. There are guides and tutorials throughout the internet. The danger comes when the fix is not done well. It is the only way to stop the car. If it fails, it might lead the driver to accidents. So it is better to let a Car mechanic in Melbourne handle it if you are still new to fix it.


The shock absorbers are not particularly complicated components themselves, but the odds of harming yourself are high. Jacking up is required to replace them, yet some drivers don’t have those in their garage. 

Getting underneath your car is also risky as it hangs from a metal lift. It is not worth the risk of having the potential to be crushed by your car. Shocks are also so strong that they might push an adult man down. So let an experienced mechanic do it for the sake of safety.

Engine repairs

Unlike in the ’80s, cars now are computer-facilitated. The engine is being monitored by its CPU. An old film where people open their hoods and look down might not be applicable in this era.

With an extra load of wires, some mechanics unfamiliar with modern cars will get lost in the maze of electronics. Mechanics nowadays will plug a computer in, then, Viola! The list of problems will be on their screen. 

Car mechanics know how to target problems with minimal effort. Doing it by yourself might break the engine apart and damage the electronic system. Don’t put your vehicle at risk.

These are just a few reminds of what to avoid doing on your own while doing car repairs. Always ask for assistance from experts. This will avoid inconvenience on your part as a car owner.  

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