11 Hat Displays That Will Boost Your Headwear Sales 

Headwear is a large and growing sub-category of the overall apparel market. The hat and cap market in the U.S. alone is estimated to be $2.5 billion in revenue, and the global headwear market is growing at 6.5% annually. Not only does the market include sports hats, fashion hats, and work hats, but it also includes other headwear items such as beanies and headbands. The challenge for retailers is how best to display various types of headwear to drive impulse purchases and maximize sales. Today we will look at 10 examples of hat displays that are easy to merchandise, cost-effective, and guaranteed to increase headwear sales. 

Our first example is a 12-pocket tower display called the CAP-12ECO. It is a simple tower display made of metal tube with wire pockets. Each pocket holds 6-8 caps and the frame knocks down so it can fit in a smaller box for shipping. It also can be assembled very quickly with no tools. The CAP-12ECO features a small footprint, and importantly, it puts the focus where it should be- on the caps. RICH LTD. offers these displays as a stock item that is available for immediate shipment.   

Another type of tower display is the Adidas cap display shown below. This display has the added features of a “wave” frame to catch shopper attention, branded pocket accents, a header sign, and a branded base sign. 

Cap displays can also be effective as counter displays. The 4-pocket Adidas counter display shown below is an example. It features knock-down construction, branded pockets and header, and a bright blue, durable powder coated finish. 

Melin offers some of the most premium headwear on the planet. We created a wall hanging glorifier display that was designed to show 2 hats, the beautiful hat box that comes with each hat, and a story-telling graphic. The display included brackets to hang on slatwall. 

Beanies and ski hats are an important part of the headwear category. Unlike caps, they can’t sit in a wire pocket. The display below shows a floor display that has individual wire frames that can be used to display beanies in a way that maximizes product visibility

An example of a higher end 2-sided floor display is the one we made for Swannies. The display features slotted uprights, an attractive wood base, sheet metal cap shelves, and a wood-framed graphic header. It is an ideal fixture for golf shops which is their target market. 

Integrating signs into headwear displays is a great way of creating visual interest and building brand awareness. The cap display shown below does exactly that and has a bright yellow powder coated finish which also draws shopper attention. 

Signs can also be added to the cap tower displays that we showed earlier. We added a PVC header sign and a flag sign to the CAP-12ECO which helps transform a generic display into a well-branded display that offers much more product information. 

Sun hats and hats with larger brims can often be stacked on top of each other since they nest well. We created this 3-shelf wood display for nested Peter Grimm sun hats. We added branding to the base and header and incorporated side mirrors so shoppers can check themselves out when trying on the hats. 

Another example of a simple metal counter cap display is the Welder Nation merchandiser shown below. It features a simple wire grid with adjustable cap pockets, adjustable hooks on the back side for merchandising related products, and a screen-printed branded header sign. 

Our final example is the 2-sided Peter Grimm floor display shown below which we built using a metal tube frame with slotted MDF back panels, a branded header sign, and lifestyle graphics on the sides. This style headwear display works well for any type of headwear that hangs. 

Headwear is an exciting and ever-changing fashion category. With so many types of headwear, merchandising can be challenging. However, the examples we showed today should provide a good foundation for the types of that displays that turn shoppers into customers. 

About Jim 

Jim Hollen is the owner and President of RICH LTD., a California-based point-of-purchase display, retail store fixture, and merchandising solutions firm. A former management consultant with McKinsey & Co., Jim has authored more than 500 blogs on POP displays and retail merchandising. Jim earned his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

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