Best Energy Drink For CSGO

Nikita Pareek

Evolved by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment Counter-Strike: Global Offensive better known as CSGO is a first-person shooter game which allows multiple players to play simultaneously.The craze and enthusiasm of the players for CSGO is unimaginable!

Once, you start playing the game it can get you hooked on to it for long hours without you even realizing it!Since, it’s a team oriented action play any mistake by any individual can cost a victory to the entire team.Therefore, it’s very important to keep yourself focused and energetic during the CSGO gameplay. But, as mentioned above the game can get you hooked onto it for hours and you might feel drowsy or sleepy.

Do not worry! I have got you covered! The perfect solution would be having an energy drink before your gameplay which will keep you active & energetic throughout the game and you will be able to play the game with utmost focus and concentration like a pro! 

Now you might wonder:

What are the ingredients to look for in an energy drink? 

When you feel tired, drowsy or sleepy energy drinks give you the much needed boost which helps you to power up your performance and easily get through the day! 

Some of the ingredients to look for in an energy drink includes:

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is the main integrant which makes the energy drink effective, without caffeine the energy drink will lose its efficacy.Caffeine also helps to improve your mood,mental abilities as well as physical performance.However, surfeit of anything is bad for health. Therefore, the advised dose of caffeine for a healthy adult is 400 mg per day. Immoderate consumption of caffeine can lead to disorders like acidity,Indigestion, Insomnia etc. Therefore, it’s always better and safe to have a limited consumption. 

  1. Sugar

Another important integrant in the energy drink is sugar. It gives the sweet taste to the energy drink making it taste good. 

However, just like caffeine excess consumption of sugar is also bad for health.Immoderate consumption can invite various diseases and disorders that can severely affect your health like diabetes,teeth cavities,unusual weight gain, heart diseases etc. Therefore it should be consumed in a limited way.

Some of the other integrants include vitamin B, C & A,taurine,ginseng,ginkgo biloba,antioxidants,guarana and trace minerals. 

When should you consume energy drinks? 

It’s always best to consume the drink before 30 to 60 minute of your gameplay to get the best outcome and by this time the caffeine will also reach its peak hence enhancing your CSGO performance!It also depends on your metabolic system. Usually, caffeine can stay upto 5-6 hours in your body. Although, the first hour will always be more energetic than the subsequent ones. 

What are the best energy drinks available? 

Some of the best energy drinks are:

  1. Monster energy drinks

Monster energy drink is highly in demand and it’s one of the most popular energy drink brands which is liked worldwide.It contains 179mg of caffeine, 54g of sugar, and 190 calories in one can.You can easily find it in your local stores.One can of monster can keep you alert and awake throughout your gameplay and help you enhance your performance. However, if you’re caffeine intolerant or have any blood sugar related issue it’s best to avoid this drink and opt for some other drink. 

  1. REIZE Energy Drink

REIZE is a dry powdered energy drink which comprises 50mg of caffeine, 11 calories and the best part of consuming this energy drink is that it’s sugar free.

So, people who are caffeine intolerant or those suffering from any blood sugar related issue can consume it!You can mix it as per your preference with water, tea or juice. 

  1. MatchaBar Hustle Sparkling Mint Energy Drink

Matchabar Hustle Sparkling Mint energy drink consists of 120mg of caffeine, 0g sugars, and 5 calories. In addition to this it also contains a proprietary combination of matcha and several plant based products. It’s also vegan plus gluten free and keeps you fully alert and awake during the and get better at CS: GO.

However, if you’re suffering from any medical condition it’s always best to consult your doctor before consuming any energy drink! 

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