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Good hair care routine for dandruff and colored hair

Once the summer goes, we all will have the fear that the winter bring along the wetness and dandruff during its onset. For many it is a serious problem as the symptoms of the dandruff is annoying and reduces the self-esteem of a person. 

Dandruff arises for many reasons and this occurs when there is a dryness of scalp and this makes the snowy white flakes falling on the dress. With the overwhelming shampoos in the market including ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo, we might get confused of which one to choose and fit for our scalp to get rid of the dandruff. 

Here in this article, we will make a list of things you need to look into before you pick the shampoo for curing dandruff and this might be helpful for the someone who wishes to choose the perfect one. 

  • Look for the ingredient – Zinc Pyrithione

First thing you need to look into is to check the label of the shampoo and ensure that it contains the zinc pyrithione. This compound is known to contain antibacterial and fungal properties in it, thus reduces the inflammation, itching, flaking and other symptoms of dandruff. Furthermore, it reduces and slows the growth of the fungal in short time thereby providing relief to the condition. 

  • Choose shampoo containing the selenium sulphide

When you wanted to pick the right shampoo ensure it contains selenium sulphide in it. The compound assists to fight fungal infection on scalp and reduces the production of excessive sebum on scalp. This ensure to not dry up the scalp as it suppresses the oil production. When you have hair that is chemically treated, then ensure not to use this. 

  • Check if its dermatologically tested

Another main thing you need to look into is to ensure that the shampoo is dermatologically tested as you are dealing with the shampoo. Any allergic reactions might spoil your health of the hair and scalp. Ensure that the shampoo is clinically tested and passes all the stages of testing to ensure safety and efficacy. 

  • Check if the shampoo contains coal tar

This compound might not deal permanently with removing the dandruff however, it helps to act on the oily scalp and thus helps flaking. As it is known as the natural antifungal compound, ensure the shampoo contains this as one of the ingredient and remember if you have colored hair or treating one, do not use this. 

  • Look for the salicylic acid as the main ingredient

Another thing you need to look into is this scrubber that helps to exfoliate and eliminate flakes. Hence scrubbing agent might sometimes leads to dryness of scalp and thus choose the shampoo with the blend of salicylic acid along with the conditioner. 

  • Other natural ingredients

Do not choose the anti dandruff shampoo that contains the combination of chemical ingredients. Go for the shampoo that has all-natural compounds that might not harm you hair and still keep them healthy upon several washes. Check for the ketomac shampoo benefits hindithat helps to deal with dandruff to an extent. 


If you are confused of which shampoo to choose and what are the things you should look into before selecting shampoo for dealing dandruff, the above list might be helpful to treat the condition to an extent.

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