5 Reasons You Need to Get a CPR Certification 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished that you could help a friend or a loved one who was facing a health emergency but you were unable to? It is one of the most helpless and frustrating situations a person can face. 

However, in today’s world of instant access to any and all information, it is easier than ever to get the training necessary to assist someone who may be experiencing a health crisis. Many times, cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR is the difference between life and death for someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest or some other emergency. Sometimes waiting on the paramedics to get there just isn’t an option. 

A delay of as few as three minutes can cost the victim their life. There are a number of quality training websites that offer online instruction for CPR certification. And if you have the proper training you can even test now. Here are five reasons to consider CPR training: 

1. Health Emergencies Can Occur Anywhere at Any Time 

The reality is that none of us know when we’re going to face a health crisis, and most of the time they happen outside of a hospital or medical facility. In fact, most of these types of situations happen at home. The American Heart Association estimates that up to 200,000 could be saved each year with prompt CPR. 

2. CPR Certification Can Open Up New Career Opportunities 

Knowing how to perform CPR can also provide you with the chance to expand your employment options or move up in your current company. Many employers have health and safety positions where someone in the office is appointed to oversee the department in regards to ill or injured employees or visitors. 

3. The Need for Certified Individuals Is Increasing 

Unfortunately, the demand for people with CPR certification is only growing. Between a worldwide pandemic, random acts of public violence, drivers being more distracted on the road than ever, and many other reasons, being able to perform CPR is becoming an invaluable skill. 

4. It Can Help Prevent Panic During a Health Crisis

There is also confidence that comes with CPR certification. When you know that you are trained to handle a health emergency should it occur, it provides peace of mind not only to you but to those around you as well. 

5. You Just May Save Somebody’s Life Someday 

There is an old saying that “heroes aren’t born, they’re made”. The difference between life and death for a family member, friend, or even a total stranger could be nothing more than you taking the time to get your CPR certification online.

The First Step Is to Learn More About Online CPR Training

With all of the quality resources available on the internet, there really is no reason to put off getting your certification any longer. If you have been interested in finding out how you can help to fill a vital need of qualified first aid and CPR providers, now is the time.

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