5 Soft-Skills to Master as a Cell Phone Repair Shop Tech

As is true for any business, cell phone repair shops also often suffer from an EQ failing. A shortage or non-understanding of the personality traits that pull in customers.

Sure, you can have the best cell phone repair POS software in the market. But if your clients don’t come in and out of your service with a smile, your trade won’t scale.

So catering to the human angle is important. Taking stock of the consumer psyche – tied to emotion – is your business failsafe.

Cut-throat technical prowess alone won’t cut it.

As a repair tech shop manager or specialized worker, you need to cultivate a measure of warmth. Inter-personal skills that attract all people – including leads – like a magnet.

But most people, once they get hooked to the dollar chink, forget this.

A Rant on the Forgotten ‘Little Things’

Caught in a short-term high of incoming riches, they become neglectful of the small things. Common courtesies that are actually quite profound in their impact.

The easy thank yous, sorrys’, are you okay, and can I help you make the customers’ day. That can make any person’s day.

More consequential, of course, is the treatment meted out to the staff. The coworkers, seniors, and juniors running your business.

Mistreatment of employees is a slippery slope towards an all-out exodus. They are also human – so when they’re not happy, the discontent seeps into their work. A surefire recipe for getting bad customer reviews. Plus an eventual stifling of business growth – which your uproars won’t solve.

All things we discuss in detail in this piece – with advice distilled in the form of 5 pointers.

Actionable stuff that you need to get working on right away if you want to bag that next client convert. And turn them into a loyal back-comer.

You want that for your cell phone repair shop, right?

Read on.

Human Skills that Translate into Long-Term $$

While these things will help you achieve good business growth over the long haul, be wary. Consider the money a side win – if, as a human, you already didn’t!

The problem with capitalism in America and elsewhere is that it leads to an ‘ethics blind’. A state where the rabid drive towards ever-more-profits trumps all moral humanness. When all pretense of being a savvy business person becomes revealing. And your customers, sensing the disconnect, don’t buy it any longer.

The prescriptions below, based on first-person experience, should prove helpful in avoiding this.

They helped me transition from a competence-nazi-workaholic to an all-embracing, happy-to-serve, ‘bro’. The store manager that both keeps workers happy and the customers lining up! 😊

So here goes – the step-by-step for the serious pros.

I’ll be glad to read your comments on how they aided you in your day-to-day.

Even your opposite takes on the subject are welcome: material for my reflection.

1. Pause, Smile, Talk/Blame Less – and Listen

Before you do anything, slow down. Better yet – stop. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your body. Listen to the soft hum of your lungs, the rhythmic beating of your heart. Realize how your emotions change with these seeming reflexes. How, further, your behaviors shift with their ups and downs.

All these things speak to the weakness inherent in all of us. To how even the best of us can succumb to the toxicity in our immediate environment. Which makes us cranky; eager to contribute some punches of our own.

And what comes next is unsurprising.

Fights that breed more fights – sometimes even descending into scuffles.

Now how do you prevent this state from escalating? From completely tarnishing your image? Turning you into a person you don’t like to see in the mirror?

You stop and consider.

You take the remedy offered by proven psychological techniques like CBT. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, if we open the initialism.

The next actionable stage in our 5-point cycle.

2. Self-Done CBT – Your Personal Savior

The CBT principle explained above requires a practical, real-life, take.


In your most stressful time, start with a smile. Raise your arms perpendicular to your body – like a lateral raise. Keep the physical transformation going for a while. Notice the changes in your breathing, how it mellows. What should follow, by biological design, should be a reflexive happiness. Maybe even a stream of laughter.

Remember: Actions follow thoughts preceded by behaviors beckoned by emotions originated in thoughts.

Take control/shift any of these process elements, and you’re in control!

The Bottom Line: You can control your responses in any situation. Do it long enough, and you’ll have created a new behavior. A positive neurological change – courtesy of neuroplasticity!

Try it.

This technique, a staple of modern therapy, comes backed by cutting research.

3. Laugh with the Fam…

In workplace settings such as a cell phone repair shop, laughter is the best medicine. I don’t mean the forced kind. The natural kind.

Real mirth is contagious. It comes with a childlike innocence. An originality that is infectious and relatable. Inviting for spectators; doing away with stiff formality.

You need to cultivate this with your repair family.

Don’t bog them with too much work. Intense concentration breeds reclusivity. Too much time poured over repair tracking software is a friend-zone killer – as goes a common complaint. Not a good thing over the long haul; an opposing force to the desire to gel.

So take the time to smirk – and thank me later.

4. Never Miss a Team Food Outing

Food, especially for workaholic repair shop techs, is a natural mood stabilizer. It presents the best opportunity to gel. To get over the ill will of the past and start afresh.

But only if you’re willing to break barriers, that is.

So when given the chance, and whenever invited to such an outing, don’t squander it.

Take the time to go out with your team and eat.

You’re in for a surprise if you’re still a non-believer in the mind/soul-altering power of cuisine!

5. Don’t Ruminate over Mistakes. Forgive.

As humans, we all make mistakes. You’re not immune from this failure. Nor are your shop repair techs. If they screw a gig once, forgive. If they do the same twice, go easy. And if it’s a repeat behavior, caution in isolation. Don’t make a workplace spectacle of someone’s fall. The worst, most counterproductive, thing you can do.

Believe me when I say – you’re employees will love you for taking the sheltering approach.

Better yet, keep track of employee performance with a good POS software. Reward with a token of appreciation for any good job done.
You need to blend professional seriousness with a light look-the-other-way attitude.
Nothing complicated. Just flow with the good stream.
And there you have it.
My five, experiential tips on developing some much-needed soft skills.
Trade lubricants that keep the cell phone repair machine rolling; churning green with every turn.
Let me know how your journey progresses.

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