5 Ways To Design Your Dressing Table

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A dressing table essentially takes the form of a grooming station that consists of multiple items and products. As in the name, it takes care of the dressing routines you have set up throughout the day. From skin-care items to hair-care products to body lotions and makeup, dressing tables connect our homes to the other side of the world. And, of course, a dressing table is a mere table without a huge mirror. Whether you are in a hurry right when you get up or you want to have a peaceful face-mask session before you sleep, dressing tables are incredibly functional in daily life. It is an essential part of your bedroom!

Due to these reasons, It is essential to keep the lighting optimal and generous around your dressing table. Appropriate lighting can help give your face a different dimension when you look at yourself and ensure all the items are visible. But this requirement does not limit to just visibility but also creating a style for yourself that fits the theme of your dressing room. Below are 5 creative ideas that can trigger uniqueness and make your dressing table a little bit like you- stylish! technoplumber

  1. Embellish With A Bulb Frame

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Starting with the most basic design, a frame of bulbs placed around the mirror will shine up on your face and illuminate the most critical part of the dressing table, the mirror. It is a well-known design used by celebrities and Instagram influencers to post pictures and make videos of their makeup routines. They are lower on the budget spectrum because you only need a couple of white light bulbs. With appropriate knowledge of color theory, you can experiment with colors and see what works for you. weblogmagazine

  1. Go Linear And Minimalistic

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Linear designs for bedroom dressing tables are much more budget-friendly and stylish for any home. Being on the low side of the financial spectrum, the streamlined design is a versatile match for any home decor. If you are going for a pastel and minimalistic look, then make sure to add a white dressing table with pastel brown or beige. To enhance the aesthetics, you can embellish the mirror with LED lighting and exemplify the symmetrical nature.

You can also spice up these minimalistic designs with specific installations for your dressing table furniture. For instance, your dressing drawers may need additional gliders or drawer slides to make them open smoothly and safely. Getting in touch with the right furniture hardware supply companies can help you extract the most minimalism and ensure your dressing table furniture does not sacrifice functionality over design. You can also add hinges for the cabinets and store books. That way, you can make a multi-functional reading table as well!

  1. A Bit Of Luxury Doesn’t Hurt!

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There is no such thing as going overboard with luxury, even when all you have in your pocket is lint. You can get affordable yet adorable lights that brighten up your dressing table and bedroom. 

With stunning LED lights that can also change colors, you can transform your dressing room into a party house in no time. LED lighting is the most affordable way of opening up a world of luxury. LED strips are used in Instagram reels for their added aesthetic as well. Getting in touch with the right LED lights solution can not only ensure you get professional advice on dressing table lighting but also offer multiple products that can suit your taste and preferences. LED creates the best ambient lighting while consuming less energy.

  1. Create A Mini-Diner Spot

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Your dressing table can also be where you can nibble on your snacks now and then. So, you don’t need to starve while being glamorous! Adding extensions to your dressing table can do the trick.

Like most, mornings can be a marathon, and after-work nights can be tiring. This is especially useful if you’re running late in the mornings and constantly missing out on breakfast. You don’t need to sacrifice a hot cup of coffee while preparing for the day. Using a dining cum dressing chair and an extended table can save time and make you do other stuff while waiting on your face mask, like reading! Consider getting in touch with the right velvet dining chair supplier who can offer you a range of chairs that can embellish your dressing tables while being functional.

  1. Play Around With Different Materials

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Apart from lighting designs, you can also experiment and research different dressing table materials. After all, furniture is a vast world of designs, styles, materials, and functions. From standard hardwood furniture to bendable bentwood chairs, you can explore materials that work best for you. Materials aside, you can also see what finishes are available for your furniture. The type of finish can create a glowy and shiny look or a matte finish. Lacquer finishes, oil and wax finishes, and water-based ones are the most commonly used for dressing tables. However, get in touch with trained professionals while seeking advice.


A dressing table is everyone’s therapy. It is capable of invoking self-love and beauty within oneself. It is the first thing you visit before going out for work, a meetup, or a simple dinner party. A dressing table is where you see yourself through others’ eyes; thus, adding your spice and style to its design is vital. Make sure it screams ‘you’ in every way possible!

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