6 Reasons Why Owning a Cryovac Machine is Advantageous for Your Food Business

One big problem with food storage is spoilage. Whether in a food business or just storing food for personal use, prolonging food storage life is difficult.

Using old methods of food storage is a thing of the past. Today, a commercial Cryovac machine will preserve your food for a more extended period. 

Scroll through to know more about this innovation and how it can be advantageous for your business.

What is a Cryovac Machine?

A Cryovac machine is also known as a food vacuum sealer. This removes oxygen from the food while inside a vacuum-sealed bag.

How does it work? You put the food inside a vacuum-sealed bag or container. Next, place the food bag inside the Cryovac machine and wait until all the air is removed from the bag.

During the Cryovac process, the air is vacuumed out of the bag, and air cannot enter it. Once the bag is air-free, it is heat-sealed and can only be opened through cutting.

Why is a Cryovac Machine Advantageous for Your Business

Cryovac machines are beneficial for a business in many ways.

Preserves Food Freshness

Food spoils easily when exposed to oxygen. Moulds and bacteria thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, so vacuum sealing your food is important.

The lack of air exposure preserves the food longer in storage. In addition, vacuum-sealed food prevents the formation of mould, fungus, and bacteria.

Vacuum sealing is useful when storing seasonal food that spoils or rots quickly, like fruits or vegetables.

Prevents Freezer Burn

Freezer burns happen when the moisture from the food escapes and comes into contact with air. Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn and keeps the air away from the food.

Freezer burn affects the taste and texture of food, but it is not harmful to your health.

Gives You More Storage

After using a commercial Cryovac machine, the bag is so air-tight that it looks like the food is laminated. However, there is no air in the bag and no air going in it.

Because vacuum-sealed food is tightly packed in bags, you have more storage. Whether it be your fridge, freezer, or pantry, you can store more food for other food items you need.

Improves Taste When Marinating

Vacuum sealing can be used to marinate food to absorb more flavour. Pack the meat and its marinade, vacuum seal it, and store it for some time.

You don’t have to worry about cooking it immediately as freshness is already guaranteed. Moreover, you’ll be surprised at the difference vacuum sealing can make to your cooking.

Saves You Money by Buying Bulk

Bulk buying or buying family packs undoubtedly saves you a lot of money. The problem is once you open a bulk pack, you should consume it immediately to avoid air exposure.

You can split the family pack into portions and vacuum seal each one. In this way, your food lasts longer, and you get more value for your money.

Reduces Waste

Buying in bulk has its advantages. However, bulk buying could result in much freezer-burned food or spoilage because you can’t consume them as fast as they spoil.

When vacuum sealing leftovers or extra food from bulk packs, you reduce waste by keeping them fresh for a longer time. It also reduces packaging waste as you’re not buying individually-packed items.

Cryovac machines are helpful to have in your kitchen. They’re the perfect solution for food wastage and spoilage. As a result, you can eat healthier and benefit from vacuum sealing food

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