A Beginners Guide to Jeep Off-Roading Upgrades

Joining the Jeep off-roading community means you will most likely spend a lot of time upgrading your vehicle. Making modifications to optimize your Jeep for off-road conditions is part of the fun. The prospect may seem overwhelming at first, but there are some basic changes you can make to get started.

Adding Clearance

The first step for many is to add a lift. Jeep lift kits raise your chassis higher off the ground by lengthening your suspension or lifting the body itself. You can also combine suspension and body lifts for maximum height.


There are a lot of different benefits to lifting your vehicle and a lot of specialized kits for different uses. Regardless, more ground clearance will protect your undercarriage. You are bound to encounter obstacles on the trail, like big rocks, logs or undergrowth. You will also be able to more easily clear water like creeks or flooding.


A lift can set the scene for more upgrades. For example, there will be room to get bigger axles, which are great for climbing boulders. You will also have the space for bigger and better tires.

Replacing Tires

The tread and size of your tires are crucial factors for successfully traversing your chosen terrain. Aftermarket Jeep wheels/tires target specific substrates, so carefully consider what type of off-roading you will be doing before making this decision. For example, there are very different tires for navigating sand than mudding.


Bigger tires also give you more traction. In addition to a higher center of gravity, this will improve your ability to tow. More powerful towing can come in handy for pulling your friends out of ditches or hauling your ATV on a trailer. Traction is also beneficial for steep inclines.

Finding Accessories

Identifying your needs is critical for choosing your Jeep accessories, too. If you live in the Northern hemisphere and expect to encounter a lot of snow, tire chains and a plow for the front end would be worthy investments. Spend some time speculating about what kind of situations you may find yourself in.


The world of accessories is vast. Common add-ons are overhead lights, grill guards and winch kits. Grill guards are especially popular and can give your Jeep a cool look. You can also customize them to reflect your style. Not to mention, they protect you during front-end collisions.

Add Mods for Comfortability

Additional replacement parts and accessories exist to make your life easier while off-roading. To start, add a nerf bar to easily get in and out if you’ve lifted your Jeep. Seat covers can provide extra padding and protection for your interior.


There are lots of clever Jeep storage solutions for organizing your gear. If you have a smartphone or GPS a dash mount is highly recommended.


Once you start familiarizing yourself with the possibilities, you can develop a clearer picture of your goals for your Jeep. Off-roading requires you to know your vehicle inside and out, and there’s no better way to do that than to make modifications and tinker around. Reach out to a parts distributor specializing in off-road upgrades for more expert guidance.

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