A Guide on Treatment of Female Infertility

Infertility refers to the problem which hinders the ability to conceive a child. Although carrying the fetus is a female attribute, males are equally part of this process. If you are suffering from infertility, then you can seek female infertility treatment

Now, medical science has become developed. So, it is not hard to find an effective infertility treatment. Infertility is highly curable, and people can successfully conceive a child. 

However, infertility is considered to be taboo in society. People just can’t accept it as any other health issue. If you also don’t know much about infertility and its treatments, then don’t worry. Here, female infertility and the required treatments are talked about. 

What are the tests you will need to confirm infertility? 

Your doctor can suggest multiple tests depending on your condition and symptoms. Most of these tests are very common and pain-free. A few of them are mentioned below. 

  1. Hormonal tests – Hormones play a big role in fertility. Most women face infertility because of hormonal issues or any other conditions related to the ovary. The pituitary gland produces many important hormones which control our whole reproductive system. Hormonal levels can get detected through blood tests. 
  1. Genetic testing – Infertility can also be a genetic problem. If everything is normal and still you are unable to conceive, then your doctor can suggest genetic tests to detect the problem. 
  1. Ovulation tests to detect fertility – You can detect fertility through an ovulation production kit. It mainly detects a hormone that is related to ovulation and fertility. Also, it can be detected through blood tests. 
  2. Image testing – It is a type of ultrasound test which helps to detect infertility with an image. It mainly looks for any disease in the fallopian tube or uterine. 
  1. Laparoscopy – Laparoscopy is a test that involves a little surgery. However, it is not very big, only an incision on the lower stomach or under the navel area. Doctors suggest laparoscopy only if other tests are not effective on a patient. 
  • What are the most effective female infertility treatments? 

Doctors usually suggest treatment based on the patient’s condition. Mainly doctors try to cure infertility with the help of medication. 

Surgical or IVF treatment is the last option, and many people also don’t have to go through it. Here, only a few famous and effective female infertility treatments. 

  1. Medications to treat infertility – There are many medications available to cure infertility. If your problem is on the lighter side. Although, some drugs have side effects too. So, consult with your doctor carefully. 
  1. Other infertility treatments – Other infertility treatments usually include ART or assisted reproductive technology, IVF or In Vitro fertilization, egg donation, surrogacy, ZIFT or zygote intrafallopian transfer, and GIFT or Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer. 


These are some basic things about infertility. Couples who are suffering from infertility need to go through some tests which help to detect their infertility. Female infertility treatment is very effective and helps them to conceive a child easily. 

So, don’t follow any other advice and go to your doctor first. If you are a female and want to get pregnant, then female infertility treatment is the only option for you. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to know more about infertility and its treatments. 

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