A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Funny Videos Using InVideo 

Whether you are a social media manager, meme page owner, or are a regular person in awe of funny stuff, you must have felt the need to create funny videos to engage the audience. The digital age requires content creators to be humorously creative and wry irrespective of their niche, making it essential for content creators to have video editing skills and creativity. 

Every time we hear the term video editing, our minds start making assumptions about it and consider it rocket science. However, the reality is a lot more different, thanks to the plenty of video editor websites out there, making it easy to create and share humorous videos. A good video maker makes the pro-level editing a child’s play for even a freshman. InVideo is one such video editor  which makes it fun to create and share funny videos with its beginner-friendly interface and customizable templates. 

Unarguably, creativity plays a significant role in making a video humorous. However, one can’t deny that creative ideas need proper and easy-to-use video-makers to execute the creative ideas in the best possible and funniest manner. InVideo will help you just the same, with its easy-to-understand features to channelize your creativity to execute in the best possible way. With InVideo, you can add amusing text and transitions, humorous voice-overs and effects, animations, and clip art to your video and make it a replica of what you had in mind. 

How To Create Funny Videos With InVideo

InVideo is the one-stop solution for your video-making and editing needs. With InVideo, you can convert the pack of pictures, video clips, audio clips, and texts into a funny video and share them online. When you fall short of ideas or have a busy schedule, InVideo offers a wide range of templates specially designed by keeping creativity and humor at the center. And for those with absolutely unique ideas, the blank canvas is yours!

Follow these steps to create the funniest videos with and without templates:

  1. Create an account

First things first, to start creating videos using InVideo, you must have an account. To start, you can opt for the free plan with limited features and upgrade it later. 

  1. Select the template or start with the blank canvas

Search for the templates that match your thoughts or ideas for the video. InVideo offers over 5000 templates for you to choose from. After selecting the template you like, wait till the template loads.


You can start with a blank canvas by defining the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height and differs from platform to platform. 

  1. Upload your files to add to your video

Once the template is on your screen/timeline, you can start replacing the images in the templates with your own. Alternatively, you can add your pictures/images to the blank canvas. In case you don’t have the pictures, InVideo provides you with 8M royalty-free images you can use. You can pick any clip, audio, and photo of your choice to add to the template, and a simple drag and drop will do that work for you. 

  1. Trim your video

To trim the video or any clip, you can use InVideo’s trimmer, where you can see the duration with a dashed line. Have fun with clicks, and then click on the Trim Video. Before starting, if you are not using the template, you have to upload the video and audio clips to InVideo. 

  1. Make it musical

To add music to your video, you can upload any audio to InVideo and use it, edit it and even delete it. To upload the audio of your choice, you can do so with the upload icon from the panel shown on the left-hand side of the screen. 

  1. Add some texts

The left panel shows an option called text. That is what you will need to add text to your video. You can select from various fonts and fonts sizes for the text. 

  1. Pay attention to syncing the audio and video

To sync the audio and video, you can play the video, even though it is incomplete yet, and adjust the length according to the duration of the video and make it aligned with the audio. If you are working with a template and wish to change the music, you must delete the existing audio first. To delete any audio from the video, hover on the audio clip and click delete. 

  1. Transitions can do the magic

The small icon with lines between your scenes is the tool to add transitions to different scenes. As you click on it, you can see a window with a wide range of transition options available, and as you hover over each of them, the scene will change accordingly (temporarily) to give you a preview of how the transition will look.

  1. Add some stickers and overlays

You can add a wide range of stickers to your videos with a sticker option present in the left panel. 

The overlay option in the left-hand panel will help you add an overlay to your video. You can search for a specific overlay option or choose any one of the options available. You have the freedom to try different colors and the transparency of the videos.

  1. Explore more or save 

Have fun with the options and unleash your creativity. And once you are done, go ahead to download and share your funny video on the internet with your friends and family. 

Wrapping Up

Video editing is an essential skill in the digital age and is always considered overly complicated, hectic, tedious, problematic, and more. But, the reality is pretty straightforward with super easy-to-use online video editors. InVideo is one such video editor website compatible with MacBook, laptops, and mobile phones (for mobile phones, it is available as Filmr app). Hence, staying up-to-date with the Instagram and YouTube trends is not hectic anymore. 

To create a video that can cast a lasting impression on viewers, you only need to spend no more than a few minutes with InVideo. The best part about InVideo is that it provides most of the features to have fun around for free. So what are you waiting for? Start making funny videos with the best video editor online, InVideo. 

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