Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In Minneapolis


A decision to move is never one to be made lightly. It’s more than just a logistical decision. It’s something that will change your quality of life and everything about it. This is a major decision and you need to treat it as such. 

So, in order to make it, you need to figure out if the place where you live has all you need or if the place where you plan to move offers better terms. 

For those who are on the fence regarding Minneapolis, here are some pros and cons to help you make this decision. 

Pro: The size of the city is not overwhelming

When they say that they love living in a big city, what the majority of people actually think is that they like the side-effects of living in a massive economic hub. There are more job opportunities, more restaurants, more shops, and more events.

What they don’t imply is that they love living in a city that they cannot realistically walk across, walking down the overcrowded streets, and living in a place that you’ll never get to truly know.

Minneapolis is just hitting that sweet spot of being a mid-sized city, where you have almost all the benefits of living in a megalopolis without any real downsides.

The place is not a hectic nightmare like New York; it’s not an industrial gloomy town, and it’s not a small rural town. It’s right down the middle. It has a decent university, clubs in downtown Minneapolis are great, and you have plenty of work opportunities wherever you go. There are also plenty of quiet suburbs that you could move to.

In other words, it has something for every personality type. 

Con: It’s a bit cold

We’re not talking about Siberia-cold, but the place is probably still colder than what you’re used to. Now, it all comes down to the type of climate you like or prefer. Moving to a place that’s considerably colder than what suits you is a problem that will persist daily.

Sure, the majority of people decide whether to move or not based on other factors (job availability, average wage, cost of real estate, etc.), However, if you’re on the fence between two separate locations, you might want to consider the climate, as well. 

Remember, this is not just the climate – we’re also talking about clearing snow from your driveway and the roof, dealing with the mud, and having to consider your apparel more carefully.

It’s really no surprise that so many Scandinavian settlers chose this place – it’s just like home. 

The worst part about these winters is that they can feel so long. Even when they’re gone, the spring can feel unusually cold (if you’re coming from someplace warmer). 

Pro: An amazing place for a foodie

Now, while it’s true that visiting a place with great food has its appeal, what about living there? Just think about it: you eat every day, and even if you’re cooking at home, why not live in a place that has great restaurants that you can visit every once in a while?

Local farmers’ markets are well-stocked, which means that even if you are just concerned about home-cooked food, you’ll never struggle to get enough high-quality ingredients for the kitchen.

The street food, which is something that a lot of people are interested in, is also quite amazing. So, regardless if you’re on a break and just want to grab a bite or if you’re looking to eat something before heading home from the club, you are covered.

One thing that we shouldn’t forget about is the fact that Minneapolis is known for its incredibly large number of breweries and distilleries. So, if you’re an alcoholic beverage enthusiast and would like to enjoy a glass of something locally brewed and of high quality, Minneapolis has you covered. 

Con: Traffic is not that great 

The urban commute is really not that great. First of all, the city has undergone a sudden industrial and population boom, which has made traffic more congested than before. 

At times, this can get quite noisy, which is why extra soundproofing may be necessary in both residential homes and commercial areas

It’s a challenge that the city is actively trying to deal with, but it’s not a problem that has a cheap and simple solution. You see, the infrastructure in Minneapolis is rapidly aging, which makes delegation of funds even more difficult. Sure, some see traffic as the absolute priority, but this is not something that everyone would agree on. 

At the same time, metro transit is quite easily accessible, and its fares are fairly low. It’s one of the biggest transit systems nationwide. 

Pro: Financial factors 

This is arguably the main reason why people move and, in this department, Minneapolis has quite a bit to offer.

First, the salaries. On average, salaries in Minneapolis are higher than the national package. Companies are also more likely to offer a total compensation package. The availability of work is pretty high, but this type of environment also has one hidden perk – it attracts the young, the talented, and the ambitious.

As for the cost of living, while it’s 5% higher than the rest of the state, the cost of living in Minneapolis is still 9% lower than the national average. Moreover, it’s normal for the largest city in the state to be above the average.

Now, real estate properties are not cheap. Still, they’re not that much above the national average, either. Now, combined with these positive factors (which is how you should look at things), it still ends up being a net positive.

If anything, the biggest financial downside to living in Minneapolis is the fact that Minnesota is a state with the 5th-highest tax rate in the country 

Sure, for a lot of people, a decision to move isn’t down to a simple calculation, but the truth is that it is definitely something you should consider. 

Wrap up

Overall, Minneapolis is a cold city with less-than-perfect traffic. However, there are many job opportunities; salaries are slightly above the national average, while the costs of living are slightly lower. The place is a foodie’s haven, and its size is just right (not too big, not too small). Now, you know all you need to make a decision. 

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