All About Bathroom Vanities in Australia

With over 25 million people, Australia is regarded as one of the countries with the fastest innovation adaptation to trends. 

One proof of that is the popularity of vanities in Australia where even households with the smallest bathrooms would purchase a vanity.  Below are some important details when choosing vanities..

Defining bathroom vanity

Australia’s home interior trends have become popular despite being the smallest continent. For example, bathroom vanities are making their way to every home’s bathroom in the country.

The bathroom combination of the basin or sink and the cabinets around it is the bathroom vanity. It’s commonly believed to be a part of shelving units that hold the sink and hide the underlying plumbing while also giving much-needed space for organising stuff. 

Countertops are manufactured in stone, cement, laminate, wood and other materials, and they are integral aspects of the vanity. 

Bathroom vanities are composed of various materials. However, they are generally moisture resilient or waterproof due to the bathroom being the home’s most damp location.

Bathroom vanity alternatives

Australia is regarded as one of the largest countries in the world. With its population and developments from technology to home interior designs, vanities are sought-after bathroom item necessities.

Because the vanity is among the genuine focuses of a bathroom, it is available in a dazzling array of sizes, styles, and patterns. Classical, French provincial, decorative arts, contemporary, country style, simple, and other fashion you can imagine are all bathroom vanities. 

They might be quite small, barely broad enough to accommodate the sink, or they might cover the entire length of your bathroom wall. The vanity’s size will often be determined by the size of your bathroom, as the vanity must be proportionate.

Furthermore, vanities are often not designed in rectangular shapes. Vanities can now have sharp or smooth angles, open shelving, an incorporated sink, and other features thanks to new design and material advancements. 

Double vanities in Australia, where two sinks are built into a single vanity set enough for two individuals to use simultaneously, are becoming increasingly popular today.

Choosing a vanity for your bathroom

The big cities in Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney, are home to reputable bathroom warehouses and factories where you can get your desired vanity design.

When selecting a bathroom vanity, your initial consideration should be the bathroom’s size. You would like a vanity that’s also balanced and not too big or too little. You should also make certain that the vanity meets your requirements. 

Make sure there’s enough room for cosmetics, toiletries, hair straighteners, hairdryers, prescriptions, cleaning supplies and anything else you’d like to keep close to hand. 

Many individuals now prefer keeping at least one pair of clean towels in their bathroom vanity for convenience and aesthetic purposes. Typically, a couple of drawers and shelves is necessary.

You must determine whether you want a double or single vanity. If your toilet is a disaster in the morning, containing two sinks will certainly help since people can prepare more quickly and without irritation.

Whether you’re in Australia or other parts of the world, the bathroom’s aesthetic will mostly be influenced by vanity. But, of course, you wouldn’t want an intricate vanity if you opt for a modern, minimalist design. 

A plain, clean vanity should not be placed in a bathroom especially suitable to anything “fussy.” Lastly, remember to factor in the quantity of upkeep necessary. 

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