Are Educational Learning Apps Helping or Hurting Education?

In this new era, one cannot escape from technology and many people are using it to enhance daily living. Technology has a great impact on nearly all the systems in society, where the education system is no exception either. With the growth of technology, new ideas and techniques are introduced in the educational sector, and one of those is the use of educational app

Many educational institutions and schools use tablets and computers to teach their students and give homework through an educational app. This practice of using technology to teach and learn various things is gaining more and more popularity.  

However, some may wonder if this practice of using educational apps to strengthen the educational sector is actually helping the students or hurting their education. So, let’s have a discussion regarding this. 

The benefits of using an education app 

To have a clear discussion, take a look at the benefits of choosing the educational app as a method of learning. 

  • Offers individualized learning 

Different students have different methods of studying and retaining knowledge. Some may love to learn with attractive visuals, while others may learn better with auditory or other senses. An educational app can easily appeal to different types of students at the same time.  

So, children can learn in their own way, rather than following the strict instructions of their teachers. Having the chance to learn at their own pace can help the students to become independent learners. 

  • Offers better motivation  

Students usually love to use mobile apps because they can be really fun and interesting. As the teachers may have some problems in concentrating on every child while teaching, an educational app can help them to resolve that problem.  

Some students may love to listen to their teachers’ lectures. The educational app can help them to learn the same things but in an interesting way. So, the use of an educational app can easily promote the interest of the children in a specific topic and thus increase their knowledge. 

  • The barriers of special education can be erased 

There are several children who are not able to take lessons in a regular way. Technology can offer them the opportunity to learn in a better way.  

For instance, there are several apps that focus on teaching dyslexic and autistic children in a better way. Thus, an educational app can help the entire society to learn and become successful.  

  • Offers assistance to the teachers 

Anything that helps a student to learn in a better way also is helpful for the teachers. In addition to this, the teachers can educate their students as well as grade them properly. 

Disadvantages of using an educational app 

  • Can be distracting 

A problem of learning through an educational app can be that it can distract the children. Many students are computer savvy and can surf the internet or play games while learning. This can be really distracting for the students and can be harmful to their studies. 

  • Can harm the emotional development and attention of the students 

Some researchers worry that excessive use of technology can affect the students’ ability to focus properly and thus impact their emotional development. If children cannot learn with their friends within a classroom, they cannot have proper empathy and self-control for others. This can be harmful to their development as human beings. 

So, the practice of learning through an educational app is a double-edged sword, as this has many benefits as well as disadvantages. Hence, the student needs to learn how to use technology in a productive way and overcome those shortcomings. 

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