Are you pursuing a career in WHS? Here is what you need to know!

It is the responsibility of management to take care of the workers, customers, visitors and suppliers as health and safety risks are serious hazards. As per the law, an organisation must provide a safe workplace to the employers. With experience in WHS, you can reach greater heights in your career.

WHS RPL certification allows experienced individuals to move forward in their careers. It is one of the essential qualifications for those who endeavour to know more about work, health and safety. From safety to security officers and safety advisors, there are many job opportunities for an individual to build a career.  

Work, Health and Safety (WHS), aka Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), has been a popular industry in Australia through the years. As per the Ibis World report, the worth of the OHS sector may reach nearly one billion dollars, and it is also expected to increase a minimum of 7.7 years on year. When you compare the reports of other industries for half a decade, you will realise the improvement in the OHS sector.

The increase in employee workforce remains the main reason for workplace accidents. The WHS industry has become a popular choice for individuals to pursue a promising career. A WHS officer or professional will prioritise the health and safety of employers and employees within a business. The professional will also ensure that the entire company culture supports these objectives. 

A WHS or OHS officer creates policies and procedures that a company adapts to provide a safe workplace for every individual in the organisation. The systems and guidelines are regularly reviewed and revised in line with new dangers or any issues spotted after many investigations. Several reasons assure a career in WHS is worth considering.

Reasons that nudge individuals to take up WHS courses

A career in Work Health and Safety provides enough room to grow within the sector, and the above-average salary necessitates many people to take up WHL RPL certification.

Plethora of opportunities

The WHS sector has many stable job opportunities for women and men of all ages. It is predicted that 30,000 jobs are available, and by 2022, thousands of professionals might be employed in Australia. From WHS coordinators to WHS assessors and rehabilitation coordinators, the growing opportunities in the field make it a desirable industry to pursue a career.

Better career advancement

If you are looking for a stable career in one industry, WHS is the ideal choice. Moreover, moving to the next level role with managerial responsibilities requires an individual to have good WHS/OHS expertise. It will be easier to move a step forward and stay ahead of other candidates when you already have the skillset. It will be easier to get a senior position in the workplace when you have the WHS RPL certification.

Varied career paths

When you have the WHS certification, it helps individuals pursue their careers in numerous industries. Many industries, including forestry, government, hospitality, agriculture, nursing, construction, mining and transportation, are looking for professionals with WHS experience. Moreover, job proficiency increases when you take up additional certifications.

Wrapping up

When you land a job in any industry, WHS certification is crucial to proceed with other senior positions. If you have an excellent analytical mind with a knack for finding and eradicating risks under pressure, then WHS is the best field for you.

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