armin meiwes crime scene photo

When Armin Meiwes was arrested for the gruesome murder of Bernd Brandes, the world was shocked. Not only had he killed a man, but he had videotaped the entire thing and posted it online for all to see. This crime scene photo is one of the most chilling things you will ever see. Not only is it shockingly graphic, but it’s also an important reminder that crime still happens in our everyday lives. Learn more about this tragic case and the consequences of Armin Meiwes’ actions in this blog post. armin meiwes crime scene photo

What is the photo of Armin Meiwes?

The image shocked people worldwide and led to various protests and calls for change.

The photo shows Meiwes sitting on the floor next to Brandt’s corpse, holding a forkful of Brandt’s flesh in his hand. It is an unsettling image that has raised many questions about how someone could commit such a heinous crime.

Background on Armin Meiwes

Born in Germany on August 26, 1958, Armin has a lengthy criminal record dating back to the early 1980s. The investigation into Brandt’s murder led authorities to arrest Meiwes on May 5th, 2004. He has since confessed to killing Brandt as well as cannibalizing his body.

How the photo was taken

The police took the photo on the day of Armin Meiwes’s arrest. It shows Meiwes with his hands cuffed behind his back, standing in front of his blood-soaked and mutilated victim.

Reaction to the photo

Regardless of one’s opinion, there is no denying that the photo is shocking and dreadful. Many feel like this kind of thing could never happen in their town or country, but sadly it does – on a much smaller scale, at least. This photo shows how far someone will go to satisfy their sick desires and why we need stricter animal protection laws.


As shocking as it may seem, Armin Meiwes murdered and cannibalized Bernd Jürgen Brandt for the pleasure of eating his flesh – a crime that shocked the world. If you’re wondering what happened in those gruesome minutes leading up to Brandt’s death, look no further than this Crime Scene Photo gallery taken by the detectives on the case. These photos reveal everything you need to know about what took place inside Meiwes’ home on January 1st, 2002 – from Brandt’s naked body lying on the floor to Meiwes himself, covered in blood and holding a butcher knife, ready to carry out his sick desires.


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