Best places to see in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a small union territory near the state of Tamil Nadu that is quickly becoming the go-to tourist spot for both youngsters and older folks alike. This is all thanks to the many tourist locations, culinary experiences and serene beaches it has to offer. Find a list of our favourite places to visit in Pondicherry.


Auroville is one of the most important places to visit when you get to Pondicherry. It is a futuristic township where people from many different countries live together as one family irrespective of their differences in their religion or race. They all live under the principles preached by the Mother, who was the founder of this township. The central attraction that is a must-visit spot for all tourists is the golden globe structure called the Matrimandir. Find the gold rate today in Pondicherry.

The Matrimandir is a grand structure that sits in the middle of Auroville and functions as a centre for meditation where people can sit in peace and quiet. The place does not charge any entry fees, and anyone can visit this place free of cost.


As a coastal town, there is no dearth of splendid beaches in Pondicherry. One of these beaches near White Town also has a promenade that is naturally formed out of rocks. Visitors can take long walks by the ocean on this promenade. The location is also great for avid photographers to click some scenic shots to document their visit to this city. Along the promenade, you can also taste some of the best culinary treats in Pondicherry, thanks to the range of savoury and dessert options you can find here.

Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo Ashram was founded in 1926 by Aurobindo. You can find a mausoleum of Aurobindo sitting blow a frangipani tree on the ashram’s premises. The ashram is another place you can visit to meditate in a serene and peaceful environment. You can visit the ashram anytime from 8 am to 6 pm. Tourists looking for a spiritual experience like no other must make it a point to visit this ashram which gives you a similar ambience as the Sri Aurobindo Society in Telangana. Click here to know more about the gold rate in Telangana.

Serenity and Paradise Beach

Amongst the many beautiful beaches in Pondicherry, Serenity beach and Paradise beach are the ones that most tourists flock to. This is thanks to the scenic ocean view and shiny sand that covers these beaches. If you are looking for a peaceful day amongst the waves, you should definitely hot these beaches on your visit to Pondicherry.

Gingee Fort

If you’re tired of the sunny beaches and are looking for a change in pace, you can visit the Gingee Fort in Pondicherry, which is a historic fort that was declared a national monument in 1921. The fort is a beautifully crafted structure making it a sight for sore eyes for tourists with an eye for architectural marvels.

Chunnambar Boat House

The Chunnambar Boat House is a great visit if you are looking to sail in Pondicherry’s beautiful backwaters. The boat ride offers visitors a great sightseeing experience amidst the natural wonders of Pondicherry. If you are looking to spend a relaxing afternoon in Pondicherry, this might be a great inexpensive option.

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