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In the comics and TV series The Smurfs, the main antagonist is the wizard Gargamel. His goal is to destroy the Smurfs and turn them into gold. In the comic books, Gargamel is also known as Gargamel the Wizard. Despite the fact that Gargamel is not the only villain in the series, there are a number of other characters who can be related to Gargamel. ugly cartoon characters


In Gargamel’s Smurfs, we see a world full of lovable smurfs, led by a villain called Gargamel. The villain is a vengeful sorcerer, who plans to use his mighty powers to enslave the Smurfs to his will. The Smurfs are a group of creatures who are very good at solving puzzles, and they also have a strong desire to save the world. In this movie, we meet a young woman named Sabina, who is a redheaded young woman who is not content with the tutelage of her aunt Dame Barbara. She is a proficient marksman and a skilled rider, and she has a special bond with Johan. She is also a cousin of King Gerard.

The main antagonist of the Smurfs is Gargamel, a villain who has very similar traits to his cartoon-show counterpart. Gargamel is ruthless and has a desire to destroy the Smurfs, which makes him an effective enemy. Often, Gargamel uses the power of alchemy to do his evil deeds and has a very strong dislike for the Smurfs.

As the villain in the Smurfs franchise, Gargamel also resembles the demon Gargantua from Francois Rabelais’ classic, The Smurfs. The name is derived from the French word gargamelle, meaning throat. Yvan Delporte, an artist and writer, suggested the name. Another appropriate name for the Smurf killer would be Azrael, which means angel of death. This name is also a good one since it rhymes with Gargamel.

Smurfs also have different personalities. The protagonist, Smurfette, has a black hair and was originally created by Gargamel. She is also the only female smurf in the Smurf village before Sassette. While she is an object of adoration, she is also a caring person.


The Sassette Gargamel is one of the most well-known characters from the popular animated television series “Smurfs.” The character is a yaratilmasini – a character who has supernatural powers and is able to control the fae. Her powers are very diverse, and they include the ability to change into various characters.

The Smurfs are able to change into their various shapes and sizes. The Smurfs’ pet, Snappy, guards the campfire, but when the Smurfs go out, Snappy accidentally puts out the campfire. This leads to Gargamel’s arrival, who steals Mother Nature’s magic formula. In order to get close to the Smurfs, Gargamel wakes up the trees using this magic formula. Meanwhile, a Myna bird repeats every syllable of Gargamel’s speech.

Sassette Gargamel’s voice has been used in several television series and magazine comics. As a witch, she snores loudly and has a large wart-covered nose. Her eyes are dark and she likes to be in the spotlight, but she’s actually a poor choice of voice for human beings.

Sassette is a fictional character from the Smurfs television series. She’s a redheaded female Smurf who calls her papa Smurf “Pappy”. She shares warm feelings for Gargamel, and has feelings for him. She’s also a residential alchemist.

Gargamel is the lord of the underworld, so this character – like Handy – is a powerful force. She often annoys him and laughs at him when he’s hurt or humiliated.


zrael is the evil wizard Gargamel’s pet cat. Azrael is a wise cat, and often turns on Gargamel. He first appears in the comic book “The Flying Smurf,” and the cartoon show “The Smurfs” featured him until Season eight. He was voiced by Don Messick, who also portrayed Muttley. Currently, zrael is voiced by Frank Welker.

Azrael also appears in the movie “The Smurfs of Christmas Future,” where he chases after Grouchy. n this scene, he nearly eats Patrick, but Victor saves him and Gargamel blasts off into the air. In the sequel to this film, Azrael and Gargamel fight back at Gargamel’s castle, and Azrael is saved by Victor.

n the original cartoon show, Azrael was a female, but later became a male. In the 2021 cartoon show, he is portrayed by Cherise Silvestri. Although he is a male in both comics and TV shows, he is still the smartest member of Gargamel’s gang. Interestingly, Gargamel’s attitude toward zrael changes. He is less appreciative of his pet and treats him like a servant instead of his boss.

Gargamel is an evil wizard who has never looked friendly. In fact, he spends most of his time in his hovel, plotting his next move. He is a dangerous foe, and the Smurfs have to be protected. During their battle against the Smurfs, Gargamel has to be careful not to make mistakes that will cost them the Smurfs.

His mother

Gargamel’s mother has a rather interesting role in the story. She isn’t very good at cooking and isn’t particularly fond of cats, but she has helped her son make trouble for the Smurfs. She also never forgives her son for failing Wizard’s School, and in the later years, she moved out of the castle. However, even in her old age, she always reminds her son of her existence, especially when he’s in danger.

Gargamel’s mother resembles the monster Gargantua from Francois Rabelais’ classic. Her name, Gargamel, comes from the French word gargamelle, which means throat. Aside from being a proper name for a Smurf killer, Gargamel’s mother is also an angel of death, Azrael. The two names have a similar meaning and are equally appropriate.

Tress MacNeille is an actress who has appeared in films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She’s also been in The Simpsons Movie and Bee Movie. She has also been suggested for a number of other roles, including Martha Kent in Ben 10/Justice League: The Series.

In the 2021 episode of CGI TV series The Smurfs, Jokey transforms Poet into Gargamel’s mother, in order to stop Gargamel from chasing the Smurfs. This results in a hilarious sequence, where Jokey and Poet get stuck inside Gargamel’s hovel.

Gargamel is an evil wizard with limited powers. He is obsessed with the Smurfs and has a variety of goals.

His cousins

As the son of a sorcerer, Gargamel is a powerful sorcerer, but not nearly as powerful as his godfather, Lord Balthazar. He has two oafish henchmen and a pet raven that he uses as a spy. He lives in a large castle with a fearsome dragon.

One of Gargamel’s cousins, Sagratamabarb, is a wizard that first appeared in a 1963 comic book story with the same name. He is a powerful wizard, but he is more kindly and nice than his cousin. His goal is to capture the Smurfs and turn them into gold.

The Smurfs’ main villain, Gargamel’s full name is Gargamel L’Feroce. He was also known as the Fierce Smurf. His plots against the Smurfs drew the attention of the Empath, the smurfs’ god of death. He also had an apprentice named Scruple. His appearance in EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series was limited to the novel, but he was featured in the stories before Empath’s return to Psychelia.

Hogatha is another of Gargamel’s cousins. He uses magic to make life difficult for the Smurfs. The two of them are sometimes shown as enemies. He is portrayed as a sorcerer and has a similar appearance to Gargamel. However, the Smurfs don’t always get what they want and often face difficult situations.

Scruple is the apprentice of Gargamel. He was once rejected from a wizard’s school and now lives with Gargamel as an indentured servant. Scruple points out weaknesses in Gargamel’s schemes and tries to influence him to change his ways. Although Scruple is a moderately bright wizard, he has little experience with magic. Despite being an apprentice, Scruple is often the one to help Gargamel capture the Smurfs.

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