Facts About Truck Fatalities in Los Angeles

Large commercial trucks can harm passengers in smaller automobiles. A semi-truck collision will almost certainly result in serious injuries or even death. Knowing what to do in the event of a collision that includes a commercial truck is essential, particularly if you require compensation. You must contact a Los Angeles truck accident attorney if you are in any kind of accident.

What to do in the event of a truck accident?

Here is what you should do if you are struck by a commercial truck:

  • Trade contact details such as name, address, auto insurance, and driver’s license.
  • Inform the authorities about the auto collision.
  • Obtain the truck’s license number, plate number, and name of the business that leased or owns the truck.
  • Gather proof, such instance, by taking pictures of the two automobiles.

Drivers in California are required by law to notify authorities of any accidents. Calling the police at the crash site will assist them in investigating the situation and submitting a report. When attempting to determine responsibility, the incident report may be beneficial.

Laws regarding commercial truck driving.

Both state and federal laws govern the transportation sector. The federal trucking regulations are listed in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. California’s own Transportation Department is responsible for enforcing intrastate commercial trucking rules.

In order to become a professional driver, the California Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety System mandates testing and licensing requirements. Both California and federal law have severe standards for vehicle insurance, in addition to calling for the education and licensing of truck drivers.

Who might be responsible for truck accident damages?

Accidents involving semi trucks frequently involve several parties. Professional drivers might work as independent contractors or for private companies. A semi-truck driver may be at blame if they operate independently.

Huge truck component manufacturers may also be held accountable for large truck accidents. Those who may be held accountable for damages are:

  • The government, other erratic drivers, and the commercial truck manufacturer’s employees and driver
  • An attorney for truck accidents will look into the situation and establish liability.

Compensation following a truck accident:

  • After a truck accident, you may be paid for any losses. Damages consist of:
  • Injury to person – any related medical costs
  • Vehicle damage and property damage
  • Physical and mental distress, such as the loss of a beloved,
  • Time off work and a loss of wages

To ensure that you receive maximum compensation, you must choose an expert truck accident lawyer.


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