Help students overcome educational stress: tips for teachers  

With so many duties, responsibilities to perform and complete, stress has become a common part of our lives. Many used to feel that stress is something faced by our elders in managing their work. But this thought is no more applicable as stress has become a common issue with young children and learners.  

Well, a small amount of stress keeps all of us going and working effectively but excessive stress harms us as well. With students, education stress is growing a lot. Managing studies, learning well in the classes to achieve academic goals and objectives becomes stressful for students due to a few reasons. Let us discuss these educational stress reasons and also tips for teachers to aid this stress for learning and working better.  

Reasons behind educational stress to students  

  • Social pressure  

We live in a society that is full of stereotypes and prejudices. The people around us, the peer competition, pressure from parents to top the course, are some of the issues that make students feel stressed. They come to listen to things like score more than ninety percent, learn day and night, compete with others, etc. This makes students stressed about how to manage and meet these societal expectations.  

  • Lack of understanding 

Understanding what is being taught to us and what needs to be done for completing the syllabus is very important for students. But facing difficulty in understanding makes learning and compression difficult furthermore making students face educational stress. Teacher-centered classes, doubt solving issues, irregularity in the classes are a few reasons behind this problem.  

  • Wrong learning habits  

The qualities, skills, and habits we possess decide how effective and calm the life we live. Wrong learning habits can make students go through educational stress. Delaying and procrastination can make you slow at learning and completing the syllabus. Lack of reading, listening in the classes, not making notes can make students find learning difficult.  

  • Exams  

The main reason behind students facing educational stress is that exam fear and lack of effective exam preparation make students stressed. Many students fear exams which affect their mental and physical health as well as learning capacity.  

Tips for teachers to help students overcome educational stress  

1. Have general discussions in classes  

Only back-to-back academic classes, teaching, and learning don’t give teachers the chance to know the stress issues of the students and guide them regarding the same. Also all the time academic classes can make students’ minds occupied with no time to feel relaxed and chill.  

To overcome this problem, all teachers must have general discussions in the classroom. Use motivational quotes for students, to motivate them for better learning and overcome stress issues.  

2. Make students more accountable  

As we discussed in the above reasons, lack of regular studies, consistency, revision, and learning also make students face stress when exams are near. To overcome this stress issue with the students, teachers must work on making students accountable. Make them understand that learning regularly is their key and most important duty. Teach students the benefits of being accountable and start working instead of simply being stressed without doing anything.  

3. Portray coping behavior  

Teachers also face stress in their lives and they must be using some tips and possess some traits or qualities to cope with stress. Teachers must portray such coping behavior and habits in the classroom to make students deal with stress better. Be patient, calm, composed, and relaxed. This way students will also learn the same.  

4. Ensure all are understanding well in the class.  

The main reason behind students facing education stress is a lack of proper understanding of the academic subjects. When teachers are not able to deliver quality lectures and don’t make sure that they all understood or not, causing stress to students. To help students deal with the stress of education, teachers must ensure that they are understanding well in the classes. 

 Teaching with the help of technology can help teachers to achieve this. By using a mobile teacher app or other networking sites, teachers can access several audio-visual aids such as educational videos, modules, picture cards, and PowerPoint presentations to make students understand better. Keep asking every student about their understanding. Address their doubts better to improve their understanding and reduce stress.  


Educational stress has become a common problem with many students. Wrong learning habits, lack of understanding, exams, and social pressure are a few reasons behind students facing educational stress. Teachers can play an important role in helping students overcome these stress issues. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can reduce the stress of education in students.   

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