Here Is Home You Can Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

Like us, you must have thought about making some upgrades to your home. Except making changes here and there are often easier said than done. Renovating homes undertakes some serious financial undertaking. In the United States alone, a total of $400 billion is spent on home repairs and improvements. And this is not what we claim, but the report from the Joint Centre for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

That said, having a few improvements in your house can add value to it. So to make it happen we have listed some budget-friendly upgradation ideas that will help add value to your place. 

Start with Kitchen Remodel

According to a Consumer report, homes with modern-day kitchen upgrades experience a 3 to 7% bump in home sale prices. Except if, you want to make little but significant changes in your kitchen to make it look modern you have to consult with estate brokers or architects.

Let us get down to some stats and facts here. An average kitchen remodeling costs at least $23,512. Except if you are going to have minor touches up like refinishing the fixtures, a combo of paints, or adding a backspace then these smaller revamps causes around $15,000.

Choose Smart Appliances

We all live in times where a modern home is one filled with smart home appliances. Except here, we are talking about changes that are light on the pocket. Therefore, if you want to make your home seem modern then you should replace old-school entertainment with something new, like Cox Contour TV.

With Cox Contour TV you can enjoy a wide range of channel lineups, including a variety of local, national, and international TV channels along with free HD programming, Video-on-demand, and a lot more. However, what makes Cox TV exceptional from a basic cable TV service is its efficient and feature-laden Contour TV App. 

Choose Classic Hardwood

Timeless-style woods bring warmth, comfort, and durability to home. So If you want your home to look stylish as well as a comfortable spot for those who visit and for yourself then you need to invest in classic hardwood floors.  The classic wood floor can add up to 2% to 5% to your house sale price. 

You can roughly spend around $4,518 by replacing your average wood floor with classic hardwood floors. However, it will cost you around $1,669 for a hardwood refinish in your home. 

Do not forget the Yard

A beautiful deck adds charm to your house. However, replenishing your deck can cause some heavy spending. Except, if you want to keep things in your budget then you should shoot for 500 square feet. This space is enough to have a new grill and outdoor furniture to enhance the look of your yard and to also keep the home luxury within budget. 


Little Changes Go a Long Way

Renovating your entire home can cause you a fortune. Except making some minor improvements and repairment can not only upgrade your home but also adds value to it. 

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