Here’s a Quick Way to Find Products for Laser Cutting

For anyone interested in laser cutting, you know that finding files online can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. But there’s no need to search far and wide because the DXFforCNC website (check this out) provides plenty of ready-to-use files for laser cutting that are all free to download. It’s really the easiest way to find products to cut on your laser cutter, and with more than 600 different items available from around the world, your cutting choices will be endless!

Free Laser Files – The Easiest Way to Find Products to Cut

I know this was the case for me when I started my business two years ago, and thankfully I was able to come across some awesome blogs that pointed me in the right direction! 

In this post, I’ll show you how to get started finding free laser files using a few websites and search terms, as well as provide tips on what to look out for so you can avoid scams and illegal content.

Why You Should Choose DXFforCNC

Although there are many sources for files, DXFforCNC makes it easy for you to find what you need quickly.  The format is universal and supported by a wide range of software so that all you have to do is upload a file and start cutting with your laser cutter. 

There’s no easier way to get started with a new machine than using files that are ready-to-cut! Free cuts can help save money on materials since you can test whether or not something will work before buying an expensive roll of plastic or wood. 

If you’re getting started, try some free cuts from DXFforCNC before buying any materials: just click ‘Download’ in any product page to access high quality vector files (in .dxf format) suitable for laser cutting and engraving.

Which file format should you download?

Most laser cutter owners will tell you they’re most likely to use SVG files. And while that is true, DXF files can be an equally important part of your laser-cutting toolkit. It depends on what type of machine you own—and what types of files you want to make yourself. 

Here’s a quick rundown If you are using CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator: DXF is for you. Both graphic design applications have native support for importing and exporting files in .dxf format, which makes them particularly well suited to 2D cutting projects. 

If you’re working with Inkscape, SVGs are where it’s at. Inkscape isn’t as widely used as other free vector software (like Illustrator or Sketch), but those who do use it enjoy complete freedom over their shapes and line weights. No vector editor imports DXFs; if you need to import a vector file into Inkscape, chances are you should convert it into an SVG first. If all else fails… ask!

Why are DXFs better than STLs?

DXFs are easier to use with CAD programs and they’re better at handling complex shapes. 

It’s not unusual for a 3D modeller to produce an STL file that can’t be successfully used by a CNC machine. Thankfully, DXFs have fewer issues like these than STLs, so they’re worth investigating if you need something cut. 

Some people mistakenly believe that DXFs have poor support or are difficult to modify once created. Fortunately, it’s true that DXF is more of a technical standard. And that it doesn’t offer as much free software support as STL.

It’s still easy to modify and perfect for laser cutting. If you just want your finished product in hand instead of on your hard drive. Or even if you just want to avoid uploading files online.

DXF is one way of doing so quickly and easily.

Where can you use these files?

There are tons of great reasons why you might need a cut file that you can’t create yourself. Maybe you have a new idea for an item and don’t have time to learn how it’s designed. Or maybe your current CNC can’t handle some of your designs. 

Whatever your situation may be, there are some places where free laser cutting files can come in handy. You Want Something Custom: for something unique but aren’t ready to invest money into getting it made, using free DXF design files is one of your only options. 

With 3D modelling experience, you could make a design on your own. But even with good knowledge of SolidWorks or similar software, making a full-on CAD model is tough.

Final Word

Free laser files are an excellent resource for both beginners and experienced laser cutters. If you’re just getting started with your machine, free laser files can help you get acquainted with different materials, cuts, and designs. This is important before investing in costly cutting jobs. 

For those who are more advanced, finding free laser files can be a great way to experiment with new techniques. Or perhaps upgrade their machines by performing cuts that require specialised hardware. 

It’s easy to find free laser files online; we recommend starting with Thingiverse, where nearly every project is tagged with a download button. It’s also worth checking out specific boards on Reddit devoted entirely to sharing these resources; our favourites include /r/LaserCuttingFiles and /r/CNCFiles. Happy cutting!

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