How Much is a Good Skateboard

How Much is a Good Skateboard

Choosing a nice skateboard might be tough if you’re a newbie in the sport. There’s a lot that you have should keep in mind, in addition to the expense. Whether you’re purchasing a ready-made skateboard or putting one together yourself, you must examine the entire board, including the deck, trucks, and wheels. You’ll be hitting the skate parks in no time if you grasp what makes a decent skateboard.

Decide what you’re going to purchase.

You’ll want a complete if you want a nice board for a low price. You’ll want to custom create your board if you want a much nicer board for a lot more money.

Keep in mind that going with bespoke components can save you money. Get a Mini Logo or blank deck, inexpensive all-around tires like Bones 100s, cheap bearings like Spit Cheap shot or Bones Reds, and whatever trucks you can get if you’re on a budget.

Choose between a longboard, a classic, and a street or vert board.

Longboards range in price from $60 to $500. They’re great for blasting hills and riding in comfort, but they’re difficult to do tricks on. They’re fantastic for novices learning to skate, but they won’t be able to skate very well in a skatepark.

Classics range in price from $60 to $400. A classic, cruiser, or tiny cruiser is great for cruising, yet it still allows you to execute tricks at the skatepark.

Street/verts can range in price from $70-$200. They’re your average “skateboard,” designed mostly for tricks but capable of a wide range of activities depending on the wheels.

Buying a Custom Board

Think about how much you can afford to spend on the a skateboard deck.

Blank decks, or decks without bottom graphics, are frequently far less expensive than pro decks but ride just as well. However, if you have enough money and want your favorite pro skateboarder’s deck, go ahead.

Buy a quality deck.

The majority of decks sold at your local dollar store are of poor quality and have cartoon characters on the underside. If you want a whole skateboard but aren’t sure what you want, build a full skateboard from a firm or go to a skate store and inquire about the items. Get a 7.5 to 8.0 deck if you want to ride on the streets; if you want to ride vert, 8.0 and higher is generally preferable.It is, however, simply a question of personal preference. People skate on the street with decks that are above 8.0 all the time.

When picking a board width, keep in mind your height. Consider the skating style you want to use. Most technical skaters (those that combine sophisticated flip techniques, such as Rodney Mullen) like boards that are between 7.5 and 7.75 inches in length, irrespective of how tall or tiny they are. The advantage of a narrow board is that it allows for fast rotation. The “go large” skaters are on the other end of the spectrum (Jamie Thomas is a classic example of a “go big” guy). The majority of “go large” males like sizes 8.0 and higher. While in mid-air and landing, the advantage of a large, heavy board is that it feels more sturdy under your feet (especially those who have big feet). If you’re a youngster, you should probably stick to a 7.66 or smaller.

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