How to determine the quality of TMT bars?

No doubt, building a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life. From planning and creating a design to pouring the foundation and completing the frame, a lot goes into building a home. 

As you know, modern-day constructions are complex and unique, and to ensure these structures stand the test of time, all you need is a strong foundation. What makes up the strong foundation? Is it the cement you use? Or bricks? Of course not! The one thing that determines the longevity of your home and gives it strength is ‘bars’ that withhold the structure. 

TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars are used in construction as a tensioning device to reinforce concrete and help it resist compressive forces. So don’t be in a hurry when finalizing the iron bars for your construction project. 

Hence, before you buy TMT bars online, invest a significant amount of time understanding the good quality, type, and price of the TMT bars you need. There is no dearth of quality TMT bars and neither of the suppliers; however, choosing the right one can be tricky. 

Key things to consider when buying TMT bars

Quality manufacturing

Do you know what determines the strength of the TMT bars? The answer is, ‘how it is manufactured.’ Modern-day technology has evolved the manufacturing process and the quality of bars with it. 

TMT manufacturers must comply with international standards and practices to develop cost-effective and scalable TMT bars. Hence, the bars provided by renowned steel manufacturers conform to the highest quality standards and offer you unmatched strength, flexibility, and durability.


It is rightly said that certifications are synonymous with guaranteed quality. Steel TMT bars are no different. So when buying steel bars, first make sure you purchase from a well-recognized dealer, and secondly, look for ISO and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification. It is a good sign that all the set standards and compliances have gone into making bars you are buying. 

Grade of the bars

There are many types of TMT bars viz., Fe 415, 500, 550, 550D, 600, etc. While low-grade TMT bars are a good choice for projects requiring superior ductility, the highest grade bars are used for industrial, infrastructure, and large-scale commercial construction work where the greatest tensile strength is needed. 

This means, higher the grade; the stronger are the bars. Hence, the best grade for you will be the one that fits your requirements and offers you the right mix of strength and flexibility. 


You need steel bars that can withstand shocks and seismic stress without crumbling under pressure. Right? So to ensure this, remember that both strength and bendability are equally crucial for a project. 

Only the flexible TMT bars can resist external pressure, and if they break while bending, they are not capable of ensuring sound structural integrity.

High corrosion resistance

Well, the TMT bars you use for your construction project must resist corrosion. This is not just a durability concern; it also affects the stability of the structure. 

Hence, buyers need to check the corrosion and rust-resistance properties of the TMT bars before they buy TMT bars online. You should also check the material storage at the dealer’s end to ensure optimum quality.


If you buy TMT bars that have high tensile strength and elongation properties, this means you need less steel for the same amount of construction. If you are using TMT bars, you save as much as 20% of the steel without compromising its quality. Hence, this reduces your raw material cost and saves costs on storage and transportation. 


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