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What is a humidor? It is the container in which we keep our cigars. Its interior is most often made of cedarwood, while the exterior may be enriched with other types of wood, acrylic, metal, or glass. Humidors are big and small, cheap and expensive, completely wooden or with a glass pane. They can look like an ordinary box or give the impression of being antique. Whatever the humidors are, they must, first of all, provide appropriate conditions for storing cigars. These are, of course, the two most important parameters: temperature and humidity.

Acrylic Humidor Vs. Wood

Here we will try to define Acrylic humidor vs wood

Wood Humidor

Before use, the humidifier should be kept in a vessel with distilled water for about 60 minutes and, after wiping it dry, put into the humidor. The humidor itself should be prepared before placing the cigars in it. We start by saturating the humidifier with distilled water and then placing it in the humidor. We also put a container with distilled water into it. After closing the humidor lid, we check the water level in the container every several hours and fill the losses. We repeat this cycle several times until the humidity reaches a value of 70%. Before putting the cigars in, you can wipe the inner walls of the humidor with a damp cloth.

Acrylic Humidor

At the beginning of using a humidor, you can use propylene glycol, which maintains the right humidity inside it by absorbing everything above 70% and giving back moisture when there is not enough of it. If we use an acrylic-polymer humidifier, we do not use this chemical, only distilled water. Propylene glycol is ideal for sponge humidifiers.

How to Use a Humidor Correctly, Some Helpful Tips

A product such as a cigar has long been produced in a tropical climate and needs appropriate storage conditions throughout its existence, namely: about 20 degrees Celsius and 70% humidity. Otherwise, this product will lose its original taste and aroma. The humidor is designed to create the necessary conditions for storing cigars.

Before using a humidor, you must prepare this device:

1. Remove the packaging, and then immerse the humidifier in distilled water for a specified time: 10 minutes if you are using a humidifier with a bio-sponge, and half an hour if you are using a humidifier with acrylic balls. It is worth noting that during this period, the balls increase to about 10 millimetres in volume, thereby filling the cavity of the humidifier. Remove excess liquid by wiping the humidifier before placing it in the humidor;

2. Dip a clean cloth in distilled water, then wring it out and wiping the inside of the humidor. It would be best if you made the walls of this device wet. The main thing is not to overdo it. It is strictly forbidden to rub this device with a wet sponge, as this may cause deformation of some elements and the appearance of mould;

3. Submerge the rag in the water again, but leave it inside the humidor by placing the rag on the dish. Be sure to make sure that it does not touch the walls of the device;

4. Without removing the sponge, set the humidor closed in a cool place for 12 hours with the installed humidifier;

5. After the above time has elapsed, soak the humidifier elements in distilled water, then leave them inside the device for the same time. So, the humidity indicator inside the device will pass the 60% mark. If this does not happen, repeat the above steps;

6. Finally, the humidor is ready for use. When placing cigars inside, make sure that you do not block the grooves of the humidifier with them.


1. Be sure to monitor the humidity level inside the humidor at least once every half month. This indicator normally ranges from 65% to 70%;

2. Add or change the humidifier water about once every four weeks. For these purposes, experts recommend purchasing distilled water. Note that regular water contains chlorine and various salts, which can be detrimental to the moisturizer;

3. It is recommended to store the humidor together with the cigars for storage in dry places with a cool temperature, as far as possible from the rays of the sun and various sources of warm temperature. If the temperature and humidity readings rise, both the humidor and the cigars may develop mould and mildew;

4. The second danger that can appear due to high temperature and humidity is weevil beetles. These bugs emerge from the larvae inside the cigars if the temperature inside the humidor exceeds 24 degrees during the day. If you find at least one contaminated cigar, check absolutely all cigars, then wipe the humidor with a damp cloth, and discard the contaminated cigars;

5. We recommend that you store old and dried cigars for about a month and a half in a humidor before using them.

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