In what ways can JLM real estate companies help an individual?

JLM Real Estate offers a wide range of services that benefit clients with differing needs. The company was founded in 2001 and has steadily improved and expanded its services. JLM’s portfolio includes residential properties, commercial buildings, retail spaces, and more.

JLM Real Estate provides residential and commercial property management services. These include performing property inspections, preparing and mailing monthly statements, accepting rent payments, coordinating maintenance tasks, screening prospective tenants, collecting various fees from tenants, preparing apartment leases and other paperwork as needed for the properties in question and managing vacant properties.

How does JLM Real Estate Company help a residential customer?

JLM’s experienced agents and brokers provide top-notch service for residential clients. They value their customers’ trust and aim to please them. The JLM team will meet with you to discuss any real estate needs you may have. You can then work together to determine the best course of action. For example, you may list your home with the JLM team or use their property management services and rent your home yourself. JLM Real Estate offers fair, honest pricing for its services to make a profit while ensuring that clients are satisfied and receive quality service.

What kind of commercial real estate can JLM help you with?

1. Office space – Businesses typically lease office buildings and retail spaces.

2. Industrial buildings – Large warehouses and storage spaces used to store goods.

3. Medical buildings – Theatres, dentist offices, clinics, etc.

4. Mixed-use buildings – Buildings that contain a combination of business types.

5. Residential real estate – Apartments in complexes or townhouses in subdivisions with their amenities such as pool areas, golf courses and tennis courts, restaurants and recreation facilities.

What commercial real JLM Real Estate offers you?

  • Leasing Office Spaces
  • Leasing Industrial Building Spaces
  • Selling Industrial Building Framed Spaces
  • Selling Office Building Spaces
  • Leasing Office Space at the highest rental rates in the market.
  • Selling office spaces at increased rental rates. 
  • Selling retail spaces at increased rental rates. 
  • Selling Industrial building spaces at higher lease rates than other properties in the market. 
  • Preparing leases and leases based on proposals/requirements of tenants to increase their rental income. 
  • Managing vacant properties (to avoid paying vacancy costs).

How can you benefit from working with JLM Real Estate company?

JLM Real Estate is a residential and commercial real estate company that offers clients amenities such as flexible lease terms, negotiated rental rates for retail spaces, office buildings and industrial properties, accessible property management services for occupied properties and vacant properties, a large pool of tenants to choose from, fair market prices for all its services and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with an experienced team of professionals.


JLM Real Estate is an excellent real estate company with a range of services that benefit individuals and help them achieve their goals in real estate. The JLM team has been in the business for years, so you can be assured that they know their stuff. They have implemented many new things to satisfy customers and create even more value for their clients.

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