Blue Light: Does It Damage Your Eyes

In this modern digital era, our dependence on digital screens to get even our day-to-day work done has led to an increase in screen time for almost every one of us. With the increase in screen time, it is natural that the exposure to blue light has also taken an upward rise.

Last week, when I was surfing over the web looking to order prescription glasses online, I was amazed to find an extensive collection of blue light blocking glasses too. Later on, I realised that these glasses are selling like hotcakes – thanks to digitalisation,

Before we discuss anything else, it is important that we understand what blue light is.

Blue light – what?

Blue light is one of the components in the visible spectrum of light. Visible spectrum is that part of light which is visible to the naked eye. The blue light has one of the highest frequency levels, and this is what is a matter of concern. 

Blue light is naturally received from the sun, whereas digital screens, LED lights, fluorescent lamps, etc, are some of its artificial sources. 

Is blue light harmful for the eyes?

Blue light – when received in the right amount and at the right time – is actually critical for the proper functioning of the body. But there are certain conditions under which it might get problematic. Let’s have a look at them.

Under the following circumstances, exposure to blue light can cause harm to the eyes –

  • When the exposure is in excess amount.
  • When there is significant exposure towards the fag end of the day, especially before going to bed.
  • When the exposure is under dim light conditions.

Under the above-mentioned conditions, blue light can cause symptoms like eye strain, dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, fatigue, etc.

Do blue light glasses protect your eyes?

Blue light glasses utilise a protective coating on the lens to reduce the blue light striking the eyes to almost negligible levels. In simple words, blue light blocking glasses might go a long way in protecting your eyes from the harmful impacts of blue light.

If you do have a significant exposure to blue light, it is high time that you get a pair of blue light blocking glasses for your digital wellbeing. You can look for them over the online medium. Before placing your order, you can even try glasses on at home to check what suits you best.

Best styles for blue light glasses

Here are some of the most trending styles that will make your blue light glasses not only a digital safety device but also a fashion accessory – something that glasses deserve to be. 

Clear Frames

The clear frames are one of the most amazing options for those looking for something with a contemporary touch. These modern-day glasses have eliteness written all over them. Try them out for a bold fashion statement.

Metal Frame Glasses

The metal frames, with its characteristics of sleek design and solid structure, bring out the best in you. Their aesthetic visual appeal, coupled with their versatility, make the metal frame glasses an ideal all-occasion style.

Geometric Glasses

Using sides and angles in a stylish manner makes a pair of geometric glasses. They are absolutely a delight to the eyes. If you have a liking for something sophisticated, then geometric glasses are what you must choose

Round Glasses

We have discussed geometric glasses which use complex shapes like hexagon and octagon. Round glasses might be contrary when it comes to the shape – as it uses the most simple circle – but there is no difference between the two when it comes to elegance. You will also get the retro touch with round glasses.

You can find all these styles over the online medium, and also get them delivered quickly. I recently availed the service of same day glasses in Manchester, and was surprised by the super fast delivery. Why wait? You too can get your same day glasses. They are just a few clicks away.

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