loranocarter+oregon: A Partnership for Highway Safety


As more and more cars become connected, the need for safer roads becomes all the more pressing. That’s where loranocarter comes in. lanocarter is an online platform that helps drivers access real-time information about traffic conditions on major highways around the country. This information can help drivers make informed decisions about when to drive and how to avoid traffic congestion. Oregon has been a key partner in loranocarter’s development, providing data and mapping resources that have helped make the platform a true nationwide resource. As we move closer to a future where autonomous vehicles are a reality, we need systems like loranocarter more than ever. By helping drivers stay safe on our congested roads, we can prevent tragedies like those seen on United Flight 3411 in May this year.

The Partnership

Loran Carters and Oregon have a long history of working together for highway safety. In 1984, the two states formed the Oregon-Washington Highway Safety Commission to work on reducing traffic fatalities. The commission has since increased its focus on pedestrian safety, and in 2009 it created the “Operation Crosswalk” program to reduce injuries and fatalities from collisions between cars and pedestrians.

Since then, Operation Crosswalk has made great strides in saving lives. Between 2009 and 2013, the program resulted in a 36 percent decrease in pedestrian fatalities statewide. In 2014, there were only 19 pedestrian fatalities in Oregon–a staggering reduction from 84 deaths just eight years earlier.

Partnering with organizations like Operation Crosswalk is key to success for both carter’s programs. “What we found was that if we partnered with local agencies or nonprofits who had a vested interest in preventing pedestrian accidents,” said Carter, “our efforts were more successful.” By working together, both states can save more lives while providing important services to local communities.

What loranocarter+oregon Does

Oregon has long been a leader in highway safety, and loranocarter+oregon is proud to continue that tradition. loranocarter+oregon provides critical technology and data to help keep Oregon’s highways safe.

Through our partnership, we can provide real-time traffic information to drivers on the go. This information is essential for making informed decisions while on the road and helps reduce congestion and save lives.

loranocarter+oregon also helps law enforcement track vehicles and drivers. This data is used to enforce traffic laws and ensure safety on Oregon’s roads.

Our partnership has significantly improved highway safety in Oregon over the years, and we look forward to continuing this work together.

How loranocarter+oregon Works

Loranocarter+Oregon is a partnership between the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to improve highway safety. The goal of loranocarter+oregon is to use technology to improve road safety by providing real-time traffic information to drivers.

The loranocarter+oregon system uses satellites to track vehicles and their location on the road. This information then creates a map showing where accidents have occurred, traffic congestion, and weather conditions. This information can help drivers stay safe and avoid traffic jams.

The loranocarter+oregon system has been successful in reducing traffic fatalities in Oregon. In 2016, there were 29 deaths from crashes in Oregon, which was lower than the 37 fatalities from crashes that occurred in 2015. The decrease in fatalities was mainly due to the use of loranocarter+oregon data and improvements made to road safety campaigns.

Overall, the loranocarter+oregon system is an effective way to improve highway safety and reduce traffic congestion. By using this technology, we can help save lives and make our roads much safer for everyone who uses them.

Benefits of the Partnership

The Oregon State Police and Loranocarter are proud to announce a partnership that will improve highway safety for the people of Oregon. The partnership aims to provide enhanced traffic enforcement capabilities, including more uniformed officers on our roads, through cooperation between agencies.

This partnership will also allow for better communication and information sharing between agencies, resulting in a more effective law enforcement response to traffic problems. In addition, better coordination will help reduce the number of accidents on our roadways.

All of this results from the close working relationship between Oregon State Police and Loranocarter over the years. We believe that this partnership will make a significant difference in the safety of the people of Oregon.


The loranocarter+oregon partnership exemplifies the importance of highway safety. Working together can create a safer driving environment for everyone in Oregon. Our partnerships help us develop innovative technology and education programs that make our highways safer. We are proud to have loranocarter+oregon as a part of our highway safety family and look forward to continuing to work together on behalf of all drivers in Oregon.


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