Medium Tapered Square French Tip Acrylics

The medium tapered square French tip acrylics have many styles to choose from. This design is very easy to create and has a wide range of colours available. This design gives the appearance of long nails by using a gradient at the tip and a different colour at the base. It looks especially good with pastel colours, such as pastel blue and baby pink.

Pastel blue

Pastel blue is a perfect shade to use on your medium tapered square nails. It has soft pastel tones and looks great in any combination. If you want a more bold look, you can go with a darker blue in the centre of your nail. The combination of pastel blue and purple looks amazing and works well for medium tapered square nails.

These acrylics are the perfect choice for nail art, as they can add flare to your fingernails. They can be used on any surface, including canvas. They are also suitable for varnishing. You can also use them on your toenails for a sparkly finish.

Pastel blue is a color that is associated with serenity and calm. This color can be used to create modern French party nail designs. You can add gemstones to create a 3D effect, or you can mix it with another color.


For those who are looking for a twist on the traditional French tip, try Medium tapered square acrylics in purple. These paints create a sparkly finish on fingernails and are suitable for use on most surfaces, including canvas. This polish is also suitable for varnishing, for an extra-special finish.

Medium tapered square nails look great in pastel shades of blue and purple. These colours blend well together and increase the visibility of each shade. For those with short square nails, a lighter shade is better. This colour will accentuate the square shape of the nail without overwhelming the design.

Medium tapered square French tip acrylics in purple come in a variety of shades, from sheer to shimmery. You can also choose to mix matte and glittery finishes. Adding sequins and jewels can make your nails look extra special.

Baby pink

Medium tapered square French tip acrylics are an innovative twist on a classic. They are perfect for creating a sparkly finish on fingernails and other surfaces. This nail polish is also varnishable, so it’s perfect for adding a pop of color to any look.

A classic French manicure is complete with a white stripe across the tip of the talons. If you want to make your design more unique, consider painting the tips in baby pink. The light white tip will blend in with the pale pink nail polish base. This design complements many outfits and looks great with jeans and office wear.

Medium tapered square French tip acrylics are easy to apply and won’t take much time. You can even do them yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. These nails are simple to match any outfit and are a classic choice for summer. Whether you’re attending an evening event, going out with friends, or going to a dinner party, medium tapered square French tips will complement your look.


Lavender is a soft, mellow shade of purple that looks fantastic on any nail shape. The color complements most skin tones and can look both feminine and sophisticated. You can use lavender French tips to create stunning feminine nails. The muted tone of this color lends itself to a variety of settings and nail art techniques, including flower and heart details.

The French tip design has been in fashion for years, and medium-sized square French acrylics are a perfect way to give your manicure a fresh look. This simple design allows you to experiment with different colours, and it has been a classic look for many women. The French tip design paints the tip of the nail with a complementary colour or contrasted colour, and it makes your nails appear longer.

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