Meteo – New Versions For Android and iOS

If you want to get more detailed information about the weather in your city, you can use Meteo, a new app for Android and iOS. It integrates the latest meteorological and mapping technologies to offer users precise location-based weather data. The app allows you to flag locations and mitigates uncertainty by storing data for full-days. This makes it easier for you to plan your trip and get the most accurate forecasts. Using the app is simple and free.

In addition to its functionality, Meteo has many useful features, including a new map. Its interface is easy to use, and it offers a wide range of weather data. The latest release of the application fixes a bug affecting the menu bar icons. It also provides localizations for many popular apps. The user-friendly interface, the various languages, and a number of other improvements make it one of the best tools for predicting the weather.

This release addresses bugs in version

This release addresses bugs in version 1.4.1. It also adds support for German special characters, fixes a menubar icon bug, and adds city, state, and lat/long input fields. As a result, Meteo can now handle all kinds of data. The app also uses Swift 5 for the source code, which means it’s compatible with Xcode 10.2 and Swift. The new version also fixes several bugs with the weather forecasts for international cities.

This is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes in version 1.5.0 and a Yahoo fix. It also includes a new SMS Alert feature, which is similar to an email alert, but is shorter. The last release, version 3.1.0, was released on 15 Oct 2017. The new version has several fixes related to broken weather links and the ZIP for the “Add City” search. These changes will improve the experience for both old and new users.

The new version 1.4.8 fixes the menubar icon bug in versions 1.4. Besides that, it also fixes a number of bugs in version 1.5. The new app requires OS X 10.5 or higher. If you’re an English-speaking user, you can contact Joe Crow at You can also contact Joe for the latest version of Meteo. If you’re interested in helping the program be localized, you can contact him directly.

different sources in Meteo

You can import data from different sources in Meteo. You can choose the geographical sites you’d like to monitor and select from among the available data. You can also import data from external sources and import it into the program. For more specific information, try importing data from the Meteo database. A lot of users report problems with the app. It’s important to keep the app updated. The latest version fixes the bugs that caused the website to crash.

If you’re an advanced user of Meteo, you can update to the latest version. The latest version of the app has multiple fixes, including fixing a problem with the weather links in the extended forecast. The latest update also adds a feature for adding your location to the app. The mobile version is available for free. Its free download. Its UI and APIs are designed to make it easier to create and maintain.

There are two updates in Meteo. The first is a maintenance release. In this version, you can update the app to fix the bug that caused the white dot to appear in Mission Control. The other is the new version of the app. Among the changes in this version are the fix for the error with the language translation in French and the update for the language in the Mac. You can also update to the latest iOS version, which is the next major release for the iOS client.

Last words

The latest version of Meteo has many fixes. The main change is a change in processing OpenWeatherMap location. The location is now based on lat/long coordinates, and you need to update it before you can use it. The new version also includes a fix for the international cities. If you would like to translate the application into your language, you can contact Joe Crow at

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