Pedro Linares López

Pedro Linares López was a Mexican artist who was born in Mexico City. His work was considered so revolutionary , it was given the nickname Alebrije, or “alebrijes”. Its name is an amalgamation of the two words, Alebrije. During his lifetime, his works became a part of the art world, and they have influenced artists worldwide.

pedro linares

While Pedro Linares was a prominent figure in the art world, he initially earned fame as a Judas figure maker – the traditional paper-mache figures made during the Catholic Easter season in Mexico. His work has since gained international fame, however, thanks to a 1975 documentary by Judith Bronowski. The artist was born in Mexico City in 1906, and studied art at an early age from his father. His father taught him the art of paper-mache, and by the time he was 30, he was creating skeletal figures for the celebration of the Dia de los Muertos. The artist died at age 30 due to a fatal illness, but his legacy lives on in his art.

Pedro Linares was a prolific artist

As a young man, Pedro Linares was a prolific artist. He began making masks and small toys for children. In time, he became a cartonero, a master of the paper-mache fantasy figures. In 1936, at the age of thirty, he began experimenting with a new artistic medium, and came up with a completely new style of sculpture called Alebrijes. These unique paper-mache animals are considered authentic Mexican art. They carry the spirit of Mexico.

Pedro Linares began his artistic career as a sculptor, creating Judas figurines, which are often made of carton during the Catholic Easter season in Mexico. Later, he developed his own styles of art and created figurines for Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In 1936, he began to develop a series of paintings called Alebrijes. This series of works depicts a mountainous landscape and represents death and rebirth in a mountain setting. As a result, the colorful paper-mache animals became synonymous with the artist and his art.

Mexican art history

His works are not only beautiful, but also culturally significant. He is an important figure in Mexican art history. While many of us may not be familiar with his work, it is a great tribute to the artist.

Despite his short life, Pedro Linares was an influential artist during his time. His style was reminiscent of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

work was widely acclaimed

He was the first person to receive both the prize in 1990 and a year later. It is important to know that a person’s art can have a life outside of the art world, and it is possible to express one’s culture through an artist’s works.

As an artist, Pedro Linares was known for his colorful monsters and animals. He had worked for years in the art world and made his creations for various clients, including Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. A 1975 documentary about him boosted his reputation and led to an international following.

In the early 1950s, Pedro Linares created many papier-mache art pieces. Most famous are his Alebrijes, fantastical creatures created with wheat- and cardboard. His works are representative of Mexican folk art Moreover, the papier-mache animals he created have a strong connection to folk art.

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