Reglaze Glasses: All You Need To Know

One of the recent trends in the eyewear industry is consumers increasingly opting for the reglaze glasses service. This has allowed many eyewear firms to come with their own reglaze glasses, increasing their accessibility by a significant scale. 

These days, even if you order glasses online, reglaze glasses are available and the experience is a hassle-free one. But what is reglaze glasses? Reglazing your glasses is nothing but getting your existing pair of glasses updated with a new pair of lenses, keeping the frame intact. 

Benefits of Reglaze Glasses 

Here are the benefits of reglazing your glasses that make them a truly worth it option. 

Time saving 

Reglazing your glasses doesn’t only save time for you but also the retailers. Here, no work has to be done on the frames. It is just the lenses that require effort. So if you are in urgent need for a newly revamped pair of glasses, reglaze glasses are just for you. 


As you are not buying a completely new pair of glasses, it is natural for reglaze glasses to be cheaper. Not only the fashion glasses, reglazing your glasses is way cheaper than even a normal pair of glasses. Hence, if all that is required is a change in your lenses, reglaze glasses are a way better option.  

Keep your favourite frames 

There are some frames that are so amazing that you just can’t depart from them. Now that you know what reglaze glasses are, we understand that all your worries are sorted. You can have your frames for as long as they are functional – thanks to reglaze glasses. 


As far as environmental protection is concerned, one person opting for reglaze glasses may not seem big to you. But it’s the drops that make the ocean. You too can do your bit for the environment.  

The materials used for glasses frames – such as plastic, acetate and even metal – come at a cost to the environment. By reglazing your glasses, you are actually contributing towards cutting down the usage of these materials, which is indeed a beautiful thing to do. 

When should you reglaze your glasses? 

Here are the reasons when you should opt for the reglaze glasses service

Lens Damage 

You should never continue wearing your glasses when their lenses are damaged. Even a minor scratch can not only cause loss in clarity of vision but also long-term harmful impacts.  

Hence, as and when your lenses get damaged, you should immediately get them replaced. And with reglaze glasses around, you can get a relatively affordable upgrade. 

Change in prescription 

You don’t need to buy a new pair of glasses when your prescription changes. You can send them for reglazing and those responsible for reglazing your glasses will take care of fitting them with the updated prescription

It is also a good practice to get eye tests conducted frequently. Who knows you may not be wearing the right pair of prescription glasses? 

Anti-glare coating 

During activities like cycling, driving, or even night conditions, you might encounter glare. Glare is a phenomenon that occurs when light rays are reflected off your lens surface. This results in a decrease in clarity of vision.  

An anti-glare coating ensures that light is not reflected off the surface, preventing glare from causing any hindrance in your vision. This is one of the most sought after upgrades under the reglaze glasses service. 

Blue light lenses 

In this modern digital era, we have been subjected to an increase in screen time, which in turn has increased our exposure to blue light. Blue light – in the right amount and at the right time – is indeed critical for body functioning. But, it might get problematic when the exposure is excessive or when you are exposed to it under dim light conditions. 

If you too are fixed to digital screens for a considerable part of your day, it is necessary that you get your blue light lenses, by sending your glasses for reglazing. 

UV protective coating 

If you wish to transform your existing pair of clear glasses into sunnies, you will be surprised to know that it is very simple. You can get a protective UV coating applied to your existing glasses, by sending them for reglazing.  

With the threat posed due to climate change, a pair of sunglasses is a must for all. Reglaze glasses may be your way to go. 

Transition lenses 

Having a single pair of glasses to perform the role of both eyesight correction and UV protection has become very simple – thanks to transition lenses. This too comes under the reglaze glasses service. 

Reglaze glasses have made things really very simple for spectacles’ wearers. It is available for both women’s and men’s glasses, under all styles and types, and for all functions.  

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