Self-employed Disability Insurance

Gig economy or self-employment is shaping future of work and they constitute the largest workforce in the market. There are numerous challenges that self-employed face such as there is no stable income so they have to plan their finances very carefully.

As the income is very much unpredictable the biggest stress is for their future.

But unpredictable income doesn’t mean less income, they might be earning more than any employed professional but the biggest disadvantage is of insecure future. But here comes the dream plan for future financial security the –

Best self-employed disability insurance

Knowing the best suitable quote is prerequisite for getting the self-employed disability insurance that are well suited for you.

Why self-employed disability insurance?

As a matter of fact self-employed go through certain amount of financial risks and to move out from financial risks one has to work really very hard.

Risking your health and workload always keeps you in the proneness of getting some or the other form of disability.

The self-employed insurance policy is created considering their serene and secure future in mind.
The company provides the insurance in the most affordable rates keeping the disadvantages faced by self-employments in mind.

We help you to plan best policy for your better future as per your requirements.

Our insurance policy is flexible with customising your insurance according to your needs and wants so that we can prioritise you with more premiums.

Availing the insurance is also very fast and hustles free so that the policy benefits could be enjoyed soon.

Insurance categories for self-employed:

Generally there are 2 disable insurance policies for self employed

1) Short term disability insurance – it provides protection for your income for only a short period of time. It is best suited for people with frequent disability.

2) Long term disability insurance -it goes on benefitting as long as the disability is there.
On the basis of your income, age health and requirements you can choose the policy

The process involved in whole process from opening of the insurance policy till availing the coverage is very simple.

The short term and the long term disability insurance is brought up especially for the self-employed as we know that other policies like the individual disability insurance are expensive and difficult for a self-employed.

Get insurance according to your needs:

The insurance quote should be calculated with your monthly expenses including all the essentials like food, clothing, medicine, rent, etc so that you can adjust your needs accordingly.

We provide guaranteed renewal with the least waiting period so that the customer can enjoy the benefits of insurance in a timely manner when he needs the financial support most.

The self-employed disability insurance is completely risk-free; customer security is our priority, from helping in planning to provide the best rates, using the technology so that you can get the quote anytime anywhere with simply a click of a button.

Our helping hand in the form of assistance is always forward for all the self-employed individual’s engagement in diverse financial activities. We provide with trust, care, and respect. Your better future is now our responsibility.

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