Sherdog – A Review of Mixed Martial Arts News Website Sherdog

Sherdog has revamped its website, social media channels and radio network to offer a more interactive and comprehensive MMA experience. It features live post-fight shows, a blog and a radio network. MMA fans can now easily connect with a community of millions of passionate fans. The site also features polls and an event calendar, so fans can stay on top of the latest events. This new website also offers the ability to participate in discussions about a particular fight.

Sherdog is a website devoted to mixed martial arts

Sherdog is one of the top MMA websites on the web, ranking 5177th in the world. In addition to its news and video coverage, Sherdog also hosts an active forum where you can discuss your favorite fighters. The website is devoted to mixed martial arts and is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. For a more interactive experience, try the site’s premium version to access all of the latest information.

Another useful resource for MMA news is Sherdog Radio Network. The show is an internet-only sports talk show that features the voices of Sherdog writers and staffers. It features such programs as “The Savage Dog Show,” hosted by Greg Savage, and “Beatdown,” hosted by TJ DeSantis. Other programs on the network include “MMA Sunday School,” hosted by Scott Holmes and “Beatdown After the Bell” with Josh Gross.

It airs live post-fight shows

Sherdog is a website devoted to mixed martial arts. Part of the Crave Online network, it was founded by Jeff Sherwood in 1997. It features news, individual records of fighters, reviews of events, user forums, and original radio programs. Currently, the network airs post-fight shows live on Monday through Friday. Here are some of its most popular shows:

The “Pro’s Perspective” segment features UFC lightweight Aaron Riley, who talks about the UFC 160 fight card. Other guests include MMA fighter Dan Hardy, who discusses MMA in the U.K., as well as his enlightening experience with ayahuasca. If you’re looking for some great fight analysis, check out Between Rounds Radio on YouTube and your favorite podcast app.

It has a radio network

Sherdog has a radio network and podcast covering the latest news in MMA and UFC. They host shows such as The Sheehan Show, Sheehan & Duffy, and The Fight Business Podcast. Listen to these shows online, or download them for later listening. The Sherdog Radio Network has been airing since 2007.

On Wednesday’s episode of Sherdog Radio Network, TJ De Santis and Jordan Breen discussed the recent Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor drama. They also spoke about UFC 205 and the polarizing stances of Anthony Johnson and Tyson Griffin. Lastly, Jordan Breen, a popular voice in the UFC and mixed martial arts, was back for his popular show, “The Jordan Breen Show.”

It has a blog

Sherdog has a radio network, but that’s a different matter. The radio network was started after founder Jeff Sherwood decided to part ways with his namesake website. Its lineup includes shows like Cheap Seats with Jordan Breen and Greg Savage and It’s Time with Bruce Buffer. The Sherdog Radio Network also hosts shows like Beatdown After the Bell, with TJ De Santis and Nick Gullo.

While True Hoop, JaySki, and Bruce’s SmackDown all have blogs, Sherdog is the only sports network that focuses on MMA and UFC. The company’s blog is an incredible resource for MMA and UFC fans. Aside from the radio network, Sherdog also features a podcast featuring guest bloggers.

It has social media channels

A fan-based publisher, Evolve Media LLC, has long been at the forefront of MMA and mixed martial arts news. Their flagship website, Sherdog, has undergone the biggest redesign in its 20-year history. Updates include an aggressive new color scheme, a revamped layout, and a cleaner site navigation. The social media channels have also been updated. Sherdog has also joined MMA Connoisseur.

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