Someone sued me in a car accident. What to do next?

Car accidents themselves can cause huge problems for you. Being sued for one is even worse. Whenever you are involved in a car accident, you might question, can the other party sue you for the accident? And, what to do if I am being sued? The answer is yes; the other party can sue you for a car accident if they feel they have enough valid evidence. If you are sued, you must not hesitate to call a car accident lawyer. Reach out to a Philadelphia car accident lawyer for legal help. This article will help you understand everything about what you should do if you are sued in a car accident.

There can be two situations in a car accident – if the other party is insured and if the other party is uninsured. When the other party is insured, they will most probably contact the insurance company. But if they are uninsured, they might sue you personally.

Car accidents bring with them a lot of damage and loss. After a car accident, you will need to pay your medication expenses and also face damages to your car. There are a lot of expenses involved after a car accident. You might be struggling to cover these expenses with compensation, and now you come to know that you are being sued by the other party. What steps should you take next?

  • The first step you must take is to contact a car accident attorney. These cases can be difficult to handle by yourself. Having a good and experienced lawyer by your side always puts you in a better situation in these cases. A person can sue you after a car accidnt to claim their medical expenses, property damage, loss of wage, and disability. If you are insured, the insurance company generally settles the case by paying the other party. But if you are not insured, you must focus on winning the case. 
  • Gather as much evidence as possible to prove that you were not at fault in the car accident. A car accidnt lawyer can help you to gather evidence and prepare your case. A car accident lawyer will represent you in court and try their best to minimize the chances of losing the case. 
  • If you lose the case, the court might ask you to pay a part or the full amount to cover up the losses of the other party. If you do not have any legal reasons to prove your innocence in court, you might need to pay the other party. Having a car accident attorney by your side will help you to minimize the risk of losing the case as well as minimize the amount of compensation you need to pay even if you lose the case.

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