Sunright Tea Studio

Sunright Tea Studio is a chain of tea houses that has expanded throughout Southern California and beyond. Its newest locations are in Sawtelle, West LA, and Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. Currently, there are 10 locations in Southern California and one in Northern California. Located in the Los Angeles area, Sunright has been gaining popularity among tea connoisseurs since its inception in 2007. In addition to Sawtelle, Sunright has a single location in Northern California.

Mango jasmine tea

Sunright tea studio has a staff of six working eight hours a day. They are tasked with making caramelized brown sugar boba fresh milk tea, swirling boba, and packing orders. The staff enjoys the fast pace of their job, with limited rest time between orders.

Sunright tea studio also offers a number of specialty drinks, including mango jasmine tea, matcha, boba, and taro. They use only fresh ingredients for their teas, including tea leaves that are grown on top-quality farms. They also ferment the leaves to give them a subtle sweetness. Other ingredients include tapioca, which is imported from Taiwan.

The Sunright tea studio is located in Irvine, CA, and has flexible hours. Many of its teas are blended by master farmers from mountain top farms. The tea leaves are then meticulously rolled, roasted, and blended. The company takes great pride in using only the best ingredients for its products. You can even place your order online to have it shipped straight to your doorstep.

Caramelized brown sugar boba

The Sunright Tea Studio is located in Arcadia, California. With six staff members on hand, this bustling teahouse churns out caramelized brown sugar boba and fresh milk every three minutes. Even during an internet outage, the staff kept the business churning.

In addition to its caramelized brown sugar boba, the studio offers milk tea in various flavors, cheese foam and a variety of other items. The cheese foam comes in five flavors and can be mixed into your milk tea. They also sell a line of frozen dessert-style beverages like the Frostie line.

Sunright Tea Studio is a relatively new business in the Los Angeles area, but it is gaining in popularity. The Arcadia location opened in November 2021 and has become one of the chain’s most popular spots. Located in a strip mall, the Arcadia location is adjacent to a food court, which provides a steady stream of foot traffic. The location is also surrounded by six other boba restaurants within a two-block radius. However, the competition for customers has been fierce, and the staff has struggled to stay ahead of the demand.

Sunny fruit tea

Sunright Tea Studio hand-crafts delicious tea drinks using premium ingredients and real fruits. Their lineup includes something for everyone – from classic iced teas to yogurt-topped fruit teas. They also sell delicious boba milk teas. Try their Strawberry Jasmine Tea for a taste of strawberry summer!

Sunny Fruit Tea combines Four Seasons tea with fresh fruit juice and citrus slices to make a sweet treat. This all-natural blend is a refreshing summertime treat. Sunny Fruit Tea is available in a variety of flavors, including the popular passion fruit flavor. The tea is made with fresh organic Four Seasons tea and a blend of fresh orange juice and passion fruit.

Sunny Fruit Tea is available at two locations in Southern California. The full-service tea studio is open seven days a week and features an extensive menu. The menu features seasonal flavors as well as a selection of tea lattes using Califia Farms Oat Milk.

Brulee lattes with oat milk

The Brulee Lattes by Sunright Tea Studio are a great choice for a quick pick-me-up. Made with a blend of five different flavorful teas and California Farms oat milk, this tea is a delicious way to start your day. It also includes a seasonal mango tea, which adds a touch of sweetness.

The Sunright Tea Studio has several varieties of dessert teas available, which will appeal to coffee lovers. They also have a Sunny Fruit tea that combines orange slices, passion fruit, and lemon in an all-natural blend. The Sunright Sunny Fruit tea also contains fresh squeezed orange juice and organic Four Seasons tea.

In addition to their Brulee lattes with oat milk, the Tea Studio offers a variety of different teas. There’s also a cheese foam option for those who enjoy chocolate and dairy. They also serve a delicious selection of teas from Taiwan, such as taro, boba, and matcha. Sunright sources their leaves from mountaintop farms and ferments them. It also sources tapioca from Taiwan and imports it to their cafes.

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