Teachers: Importance, significance, and characteristics


Teachers’ are considered parents outside the home and at school as they play an essential part in our lives. A teacher helps individuals make their careers and a business successful. Since our teachers started to teach online, we all must have witnessed how much effort they are making to deliver quality education. A good teacher is always expected to help their students become socially and academically good citizens. With the present technology advancing each day, several tools like LMS portals and ERP have been put into practice for the effective delivery of digital education. We can see our teachers putting efforts to understand every detail about such tools, which can help them understand the concept effectively. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss the importance of our teachers, especially when we live our best life as students, learning in schools and various other educational institutes. 

The population in schools and colleges are often regarded as the future of one’s country and the teachers as the future makers as they are wholly responsible for the future development of any country. What we become, what we will be doing, our subject of interest, this all little or more is dependent on the teachers. In short, teachers are the only motivating living source of one’s life. 

Importance of Teacher

  • Substitute to parents and role models

After parents, teachers are the mature adults with whom the students confront, so obviously, it is the teacher whom they can trust and learn after their parents. Not only as a substitute to parents but teachers, in general, are the role models for one student. It becomes more critical for a student to develop a healthy and effective relationship with the teacher to form a conversation that will only benefit them. 

When things appear grim, if someone can motivate or bring on some hopes of positivity into a student’s life after parents, it is only the teacher. Great teachers have several qualities within themself, such as compassion for their students, personal lives, and appreciation for their academic developments and achievements

  • Ultimate source of the power of education 

Education, an essential aspect of an individual’s life, which only decides their future, is delivered to them by the teachers only. Knowledge and education are the key aspects or the basis for all things that can be accomplished in life. The teacher’s role is to provide quality education to the youth population and thus, or thereby, give them the possibility of a much better future.

Teachers are the ultimate problem solver for students; they try to solve every problem in an individual student’s academic journey as they simplify the complex and make abstract concepts accessible. Teachers help students by exposing them to specific ideas and concepts they otherwise could not have come in contact with. 

  • Guidance 

If students need something the most on earth and in education, it is undoubtedly guidance. Sometimes we prefer going to our teacher rather than the parents because we know they’re potential better. With every record and check on the academic performance or achievement, they can guide them better with their steps forward into choosing the profession they like. 

Characteristics of a great teacher 

According to us, specific characteristics can be easily seen in the teacher we think are solely responsible for guiding us in the most suitable way possible. 

We will make a list below in the article mentioning a few of those characteristics that can be easily observed. 

  • Compassion towards students 
  • Passionate towards learning as well as teaching
  • Understanding nature
  • Very patient
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Willing to put forward the effort to bring about a positive change into a student’s life. 

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