The Helium project, a new way to mine crypto for radio coverage or Ponzi

Currently, as a result of this era of exponential progress, there is no sector or company that escapes technological innovation. Conventional economic models are rapidly becoming obsolete, requiring change to keep up.

A sector that has been threatened in recent times is the same one that has served as a catalyst for the adoption of new technologies in the socio-economy. These are the telecommunications operators, which seek to be replaced by a new generation of decentralized mobile networks.

Helium is the decentralized network that everyone is talking about. It is one of those promising initiatives that propose to unseat the operators and deliver the power of internet access to citizens. However, according to some experts, Helium is still at an early stage and there are many doubts about its viability.

A decentralized network that is on the rise, Helium

Lately, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic and more and more machines are communicating with each other around the world.

Helium is a decentralized blockchain network for these types of devices. What is sought with its creation is to build an IoT network that allows the connection of equipment from all over the world wirelessly to the Internet. This without the need to use GPS hardware, which consumes a lot of energy or having to pay expensive mobile fees.

The Helium Project Token (HNT) is at the core of this decentralized network. This can be used to make payments and governance votes within the network. The result of this is a two-sided market for providers and users that require the use of the internet for their IoT devices. The goal of this project is to completely decentralize a market that is currently controlled by monopolies.

The reality of Helium

According to the comments of some experts, currently this network is only used to mine for coverage and has no real use. Payments are being made in HNT tokens to favor the coverage of the zones and due to the high profitability that users observe at the moment. In addition, purchases and pre-purchases on the waiting list of miners are skyrocketing.

Miners have been prepaying a helium fee for devices, having to go through certification. Therefore, given the number of computers on the network, the capitalization of the token has risen. So, they argue that it’s a Ponzi disguised as IoT and he doesn’t think it’s going to be the definitive communication system.

However, it has become so popular that the cost of not entering could also be high. Many people are switching from Etherum mining to Helium hedging mining. But there will come a time when they will cease to be profitable in almost all areas, as has already been happening in urban areas. Are you interested in Helium mining? There are many tools available for that. You can choose according to your needs and expectations. Based on our experience, we advise you to take Controllino Helium Miner for Sale. The sooner you start mining Helium, the sooner you can get into the Helium trend that is forecast to dominate the crypto market in the coming months.

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