The Importance of Picking The Right Place For Your Special Event


Every now and again, you have a special event scheduled. This is either something that’s marking a huge moment in your life, celebrating an important milestone, or something that your future depends on. 

This is why you need to make it work.

Now, most of the time, there are so many factors determining whether this event will be a success and one of these is picking the right place for your special event. Here’s why this is so important.

  1. Atmosphere

Almost every venue you pick is customizable. You can pick your own decoration and even set up the layout. However, not every place is adjustable to the same degree, and the venue itself has a massive impact on the atmosphere.

This is also something that you won’t necessarily be able to soak up from just looking at the pictures. Instead, what you need to do is go there and try to “feel the place.” You need to try to envision the event, regardless of whether it’s ceremonies or the activities planned.

Sound is a massive part of this, which is why you also need to inquire about the acoustic capabilities of the place. If it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or a celebration, you’ll want a DJ or a band. On the other hand, if it’s a speaking event, you want the podium installed in the most acoustically suitable location. 

If it’s screening, you need to turn it into a feast for all the senses

It might also be worth your while to inquire a bit about their equipment in advance. 

  1. Capacity

The number of attendees is arguably the most important factor when choosing the place for an event – if it’s not big enough. If it is, then it’s not something that you even have to think about. 

This is like the scenario in which the exact number of gas in your tank is irrelevant until you’re close to running out. At that point, you’re mindful of every drop.

You see, your event depends on the number of attendees. Imagine hosting a wedding and not having enough space to invite everyone you want/need to. You can also imagine a professional scenario where you want to promote a product or celebrate a milestone but cannot invite everyone who absolutely has to be there.

The thing is that you don’t want the place to be too big either. This way, it will be too expensive. 

Also, while some venues have smaller rooms or dividers, if this is not the case, the place will look half-empty if it’s too big. This means that the pictures won’t be nearly as good, and even the impression that a lot of attendees may get could be underwhelming. 

  1. Accessibility

Ideally, you would host an event where it is the most convenient for the attendees. For instance, if you’re Minneapolis-based, you could technically host an event in Barbados if you didn’t mind flying people over there at your own expense. However, wouldn’t it be more convenient to just find a Minneapolis event center instead?

Let’s just return to the previous example of hosting an event in Barbados while located in Minneapolis. It’s not just about the money; it’s also about the time. How many people would actually be willing to commit to going there for your event? Even if it’s the event of a lifetime, you can’t count on too many people to drop all their obligations and agree to a much longer voyage than they originally planned. They still could, but there’s no guarantee, and the likelihood is not in your favor. 

You also need to think about the facility itself. How hard is it to find? What kind of public transportation options are there (for those who can’t find a designated driver)? Is there a lodging for such scenarios? Lastly, what are parking capabilities? 

  1. Reputation and credibility 

You never know the direction that the event is going to take, but having a good team on your side is always important. Now, some venues provide a lot of extra services (which you can negotiate for). You can also ask them to include the music, the photographer, the catering, and even some lodging in the price.

The problem is – will they honor their end of the bargain?

Previously, we’ve talked about inquiring about their sound system. What if you ask them and they, in order to secure a client, promise you that they have absolutely everything? Then, on the day of the event, you find out that this is not the case.

What can you do? Sue and ask for your money back? This is not as simple, straightforward, and guaranteed. Even if you get your money back, even if it is ruined, this might not be able to compensate for it. 

What can you really do? Write a bad review? Well, maybe someone else already did that, but you didn’t bother to read. This is the mistake that a lot of organizers make – not checking one’s reputation online before doing business with them.

  1. Facilities and amenities

This is the third time we have mentioned the audio equipment in this brief period, but here it is again. You need to check what kind of facilities and amenities the location has. This can make or break your event.

First of all, you could find a cheaper venue which doesn’t have the catering service, restroom facilities, and adequate seating. So, by the time you handle it all on your own, you end up paying considerably more. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this can make your life so much easier by eliminating the quest for some of these amenities. By picking a place that already offers it, you can cross one of these tasks off your to-do list and focus on everything else (it’s not like you have a shortage of responsibilities anyhow). 

Wrap up

In the end, choosing the right place for your event can make or break the whole thing. Sure, with so much on your plate, you might want to just get it over with so that you can do everything else. After all, you can’t send out the invitations until you’ve picked the venue. Still, we would urge you not to rush with this decision since this is something you might come to regret. 

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