The Rupin Pass – A Great Place To Hike For A Variety Of Reasons!

Many people love hiking, and it keeps people fit. There are some places we can go hiking, but what is hiking? So we can say HIking is natural walking in the countryside. 

So there are some popular hiking trails around the world. If we talk about the side of the Himalayas mountain, then we will see beautiful some treks and hiking places, but here we will talk about one of them, which is A Rupin pass trek. The Rubin pass trek is one of the popular altitude treks that passes across the Himalayas mountain

The Rupin pass trek lies on a beautiful hiking route that starts from Uttrakhand and ends at Sanghla Himachal. At Rupin pass trek, the view and scenes are beautiful and eye-catchy, and on the whole trek, you will witness different beautiful scenes. You will witness the best rivers, snow mountains, waterfalls, and awesome snow bridges. This place is awesome for nature lovers, and it is also a great place to hike for various seasons. 

It is a true hiking place and a trek for fun as it offers a trek to every type of land like snow, rocky land, and the meadow. So let’s know about this place more and see some reasons to visit this place. 

Explore the real beauty of Nature

The Rubin pass trek’s altitude is 15,260ft. If you are a nature lover and loves hiking and exploring nature, then you should give it a try. On Rubin pass trek, you will witness snow mountains, waterfalls, and hamlets visible from Rubin pass trek, which will attract you to see their local culture. This place also has Jhaka village Kinnaur temple, and you will also witness beautiful wildflowers meadows. For those who want to see beauty like the Himalayas, villages, dense forests, beautiful glacial meadows, and waterfalls, Rubin pass trek is a whole package for true nature lovers. 

Birthplace of two Rivers

The Rubin pass is so beautiful; it is like a heavenly place. It has mountains villages and also it has beautiful rivers as well. Yes, it is the birthplace of two rivers also. On one side, When the ice melts there, it makes Rupin river, then it goes into Yamuna river, then finally by following the path it falls into the Bay of Bengal. On another side, the formation of the Satluj river happens there, and it is the same river that follows a complete path then falls into the Arabian sea. Besides these two rivers, it is the origin point of the Saraswati river as well, so it is the place of rivers. 

Best time to visit Rubin pass trek

If we talk about the trek on the side of the Himalayas, those all are best for two seasons. The best time to visit Rubin pass trek is May to June and September to October. You can visit Rubin pass trek in summer and the post-monsoon as well. You will experience different things a different times. During summer, the temperature will be normal. You will see Ice melt during the daytime and freeze again at night. Post-monsoon is the time that is suitable for every trek pass on the Himalayas. Rubin pass trek is not a winter trek, and summer and post-monsoon is the best time to visit. 

Why it is famous?

It is famous, and there are certain reasons, first of all, the natural beauty, snow mountains, waterfalls, villages, and temples. It is a high-altitude trek, and most of the part is located in Himachal, so people love to visit it as it is popular. The people and culture are so good and different, which also attracts people and tourists. Apart from other things, the main thing is it is safe, and you can visit Rubin pass trek in multiple seasons. Waterfalls, villages, temples, and varieties of experience in different seasons also make it a better place. It is also best for hiking.  

Best trek for adventures

The major part of Rubin pass trek is located in Himachal Pradesh, and it is around 80% even. It is the adventures trek along with nature’s beauty. Rubin pass trek is high altitude trek, so it attracts most adventures. It has rocky snow mountains, snow bridges, meadows that are so beautiful and glacial so that you can know the peak of adventures during this trek. The climbing on trek gives you a memorable experience that will live rent-free in your head for a lifetime. Rubin pass trek; when you start, there will be a hot area, but you will start to see snow-covered things after some time.

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