Tips For Getting Best Fireplace Insert Installations & Service

It can be a challenge trying to bring some additional warmth into your home with a standard brick fireplace that allows most of its heat to go to the fireplace, without ever being felt by you and your family. The solution to a traditional inefficient fireplace is a new powerful wood or gas insert. 

What is a fireplace insert? 

Inserts, as the name suggests, are factory-made fixtures ready to fit into your existing fireplace. We recommend Magikflame inserts,  known for their superior build quality and exceptional heating performance. Fireplace inserts are extremely hot and generate high levels of heat. Many models have thermal efficiency classes of 75% to 85% and above. This rating tells you how much heat created by the appliance will be available as heat for your home. . Masonry open fireplaces, on the other hand, have efficiency ratings of 10% or 20% and sometimes even less. Today’s gas fireplace and wood fireplace inserts come in an exciting range of styles. and finishes, ranging from elegant and modern to classic and traditional. installed by our CSIA and NFI certified technicians, you will get the warmth you need and the beauty you desire. 

The Fireplace Insert 

The way to make sure your new wood or smallest fireplace insert is properly installed and meets all safety specifications is to have it professionally installed by certified Magikflame Sweep technicians. If you choose a gas insert, we will install the gas lines and secure all connections. The reconnoiter will examine your chimney system from top to bottom and determine if there is any water damage, component issues, or issues with the chimney structure that need to be addressed. With expert inspection and installation, you’ll be ready for many years of comfort and enjoyment with your new insert. 

Insert the gas burning fireplace 

  • A simple switch warm you up fastly when you need it 
  • The Gas inserts meet accurate EPA regulations 
  • It can run on propane or natural gas 
  • Easy adjustment of heat levels for maximum comfort 

Insert wood-burning fireplace 

  • No chimney structural modifications are necessary 
  • The best effective way to burn wood 
  • The unmatched ambiance of real wood fires 
  • Beautiful insert designs will make luxury to your room 

Insert maintenance and cleanliness 

With a built-in gas fireplace, you agree to minimal maintenance. However, it is a good idea to perform a safety visit every year to ensure that all components are functioning optimally and that the gas connection is safe and clean. A wood-burning fireplace will require an annual cleaning of the ventilation system to remove flammable creosote. Our certified chimney sweeps have the specialized equipment and hands-on training to keep the vent clean and reduce the risk of downstream chimney fires. 

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