Top indoor flowering plants 

Flowering houseplants add a zest of color, bring joy, and perhaps even soothing smell to your decor. If you are confused about which decorative items to choose for your home, then rest assured, indoor flowering plants are the best options available out there. Take a look at the best flowering plants and choose to send online flower plant delivery to your loved ones. 

Peace lily 

A flowering plant that is easy to care for, the peace lily plant is perfect for indoors. It holds up well in low light and low humidity, making it perfect for corners of the house that don’t get much light. The While spathe is most attractive when in full bloom; But even during the off-season, the pointed shape of the lush leaves adds an interesting tropical vibe to the space. 


They have really amazing pink as well as white petals and a lovely smell which is going to attract everyone who visits your home. They look good when in bloom, you can also gift flowers to people. 

Flower Maple 

One of the most versatile flowering houseplants, flowering maple is popular for its paper-like blooms in shades of pink, orange and yellow. The colorful flowers amidst the lush green leaves look like festive lanterns and add to the ambiance of your home. Perfect for utensils and hanging baskets. Interestingly, the flowering maple is also known as Indian Mallow. 


Hydrangeas are a spiny, leafy plant with hundreds of petals that naturally bloom in early spring. This beautiful bloomer needs two things to make sure it thrives as best as possible: moist soil and direct sunlight. It’s safe to say that your hydrangea flowers will bloom and bloom just as they love to do. They would make a lovely addition to a living or dining room, as they add admirable greenery and color to your space. 


They are commonly called flamingo flowers. These plants will give you flowers all year round and make your home look more aesthetic than you can ever imagine. They also protect you from various volatile organic gasses that can get into your home, so it purifies the air from them. 


Dahlias come in a wide range of colors and can be easily incorporated into any existing or new garden. They also flower for a very long time, first blooming in summer and lasting through the first frost. However, even though dahlias are perennials, they are tuberous root plants, so they should be planted every spring after they are dormant. 

Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is one of the easiest to manage potted plants we have come across. They enjoy the sun, and like to let their soil dry out between waterings. Within their stalks you can find aloe jelly that can be rubbed on burns to help heal and soothe.  


It is a medicinal flowering plant that is used for so much more than you can use. They are easy to grow no matter what time of year it is. They are known to cure certain diseases like piles, tuberculosis etc. 


Orchids are among the most popular indoor flowering plants. Many hybrids are very easy to grow and flower in most home conditions. Most of their roots will be at the top of the pot and will usually spread outside the container and even along the surface of the shelf. This is completely normal so don’t cut them off. 

 African Violet 

They have many forms like white and pink and purple. They need indirect sunlight so you can place them wherever you want in your home. These plants are small so they are not difficult to care for, so if your home is in a shady area, this is a flowering plant. 


Bromeliads grow indoors and bring texture and a sense of color to your home. While there are bromeliads that like direct sun like a variety of people, there are some that are used to growing naturally under the canopy of a tree where there is partial sun and shade.  

Bring home these indoor flowering plants and give your living space a whole new look. You can easily order them online from any reputed online store.  

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