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We speak for the masses and our mass survey shows that the majority of us love to wear and carry high-end brands but at reasonable prices. If the retailer is reliable and has original products then they likely become our favorite stores.

Luxurious brands, reliable quality, and a customer-friendly environment are all cues for SSense. With over 500+ elite fashionistas to streetwear designers, the store is growing bigger and getting stronger. Remember the movie Intern? How Anne Hathaway’s character, Jules founds a booming e-fashion store and in a short span the company is vigorously progressing. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say SSense bears resemblance to Jules’ company.

SSENSE promo codes are better than other stores’ clearance sales, as the same item is delivered but at a low cost. Apparels, footwear, accessories, all under one roof are available for you to complete your look. And we are here to help you with it. Below is a list of items that are a rare find elsewhere. But are available in full range at SSENSE.

Nanushka Faux Leather Dress

We love calf-length dresses. The florals and solid. The light and thick. But what takes our dress game to a high-end fashion level is the Nanushka leather dress. The faux leather has a vogue vibe to it and looks bold.

With winters approaching, this stunning V-neck collar, long-sleeved fitted dress is a head-turner. It comes in a rash sepia brown color. With beige hole eye-lids in the front. For a perfect, enhanced waist fit you can tie the knot as per your comfort.

We love how the dress is made of viscose material yet has a rigid leather look to it. This vegan cruelty-free dress can be bought at SSENSE and with the promo code, you can also buy the Beige Alamo coat for a regular stunning look.

Nike Pink Hoodie and Leather Pink Sneakers

Nike needs no introduction. And the sneakers that last for a decade need no one to vouch for the quality. It would be an understatement to say Nike has a certain good collection. As the athletic leisure brand produces each piece with utmost dedication and the same quality protocol.

Our favorite pick from Nike is their hoodies and sneakers from their new women’s collection. The soft pink hoodie comes with a tracksuit but can be purchased separately. The softest material used to make these hoodies are our favorite. Even though there is a full range of colors and designs for hoodies but this one completes our look when paired with Nike’s white leather sneakers with the pink tick on them.

The tick mark is the same color as the hoodie and that’s why compliments our effortless yet chic look. Casual, fun yet trendy will be the compliments you gather after buying the Nike low-top sneakers. That also goes with many other looks. You can get both the items with SSENSE promo code.


Let us all agree the jeans jumpsuits are a long-gone fashion trend. However, we do still love the jumpsuit trend with bits of restyling. If you are among the ones who had a hard time parting ways with your jumpsuit, SSENSE is here to revive your fashion statement with JACQUEMUS viscose linen blended jumpsuits.

The stretchable material makes them super comfy yet the linen viscose looks incredibly chic. La Montagne collection is fully available at SSENSE and is among the top-sellers. The deep V-neck in all jumpsuits adds a sleek vibe.

From Khaki to rosewood, all colors are available at SSENSE. With the promo code, you might as well get your hands on the stunning La Robe Esca dress in the JACQUEMUS collection. The short dress is loved by many for its stylish appeal and unique cut.

Burberry Satin Clutches and Leather Pouch

The fondness we have for exquisite branded bags is eternal. Burberry is renowned and loved internationally for its versatile yet dignified designs. Be it bags or any other accessory item that accentuates our overall look.

The classic Burberry Coin Pouch in color black is a carriable with every look. Known as the Olympia Coin Pouch is a stunning small one with the brand’s logo studded in golden block letters, instantly adding class and elegance to your personality.

Our biased love is for the satin bag collection. The satin material is to die for. And added with a kiss lock, this evening clutch is a luxurious one making you look suave. You can also find satin backpacks with a no-zip lock by Burberry. They are spacious and durable. With SSENSE promo code these high-end fashion bags can be bought at reasonable prices. You can also find the invisible Burberry socks in the color white and black at SSENSE. Along with scarves and strolls of the finest material.

SSENSE has always made sure its customers’ demands and fashion sense is upgraded with its extensive brand range. To help us find items that help us embrace and explore our personality is among the store’s priorities.

We hope this article helps you find just the right items for you.


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