Truck Washing Prices: How Much Should You Pay? 

When it comes to semi-truck detailing prices, finding a cost that works for you and your business is not easy as simply finding a good deal. 

There’s no template for truck washing prices because every company offers a different combination of experience, services, products, and equipment. 

Plus, the cost of truck washing depends on the type of truck you are having washed and what kind of cleaning procedures must be followed. 

So when it comes to truck washing prices and figuring out how much you should pay, let’s look at the factors that contribute to the prices as well as how you can rest assured that you are getting a good deal: 

What Determines Truck Washing Prices? 

From interior and exterior cleaning to manual or automatic washing, there are many factors that determine how a company prices its truck washing services: 

Type of Truck Wash 

In the world of commercial truck cleaning, there are a variety of ways in which a truck wash company can tackle the road grime that has accumulated on your truck

The type of truck wash will determine the overall cost of the service. Here are the different types of truck washes available. 

Manual truck washing is a good old-fashioned method of cleaning trucks that involves soap, water, brushes, and elbow grease. Even though truck washing can be automated, there’s no denying that manual methods produce amazing results. 

There are three types of manual truck washing services: 

  • Fixed-Site: Fixed-site manual truck washes operate from one location by a company
  • Mobile: Mobile businesses offer the convenience and flexibility of coming to you. 
  • Self-Service: Just as it sounds, this is a wash location where you clean your own truck using the truck washing business’s supplies and equipment. 

Although manual truck washing will do the job, modern technology has given us automatic truck washes that provide one resounding benefit: speed. 

Automatic truck washes can save you on the labor costs involved with manual truck washing but you do risk losing out on quality.  

These are the three types of automatic truck washing services: 

  • Rollover: This system is best suited for larger vehicles and uses high-pressure washers and brushes on mechanical frames to clean trucks while they remain stationary. 
  • Drive-Through: This system is ideal for large fleets because the entire process is quick and multiple vehicles can be driven through in a procession.  
  • Touchless: If you’re worried about mechanical components and brushes making contact with your trucks, there’s always the touchless truck wash option. There is no scrubbing or brushes involved – just machine-sprayed cleaning agents and water. 

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways in which you can have your fleet washed – each with its own pros and cons. Each service also comes with its own price-point based on efficiency and quality. 


If you’re a pro and doing the two-step method to pressure wash your fleet, it is best to do at a fixed site or can be mobilized to your location. 

The greatest benefit of employing the services of a truck washing company is the ability to maximize your working hours and minimize the labor needed to keep your trucks clean

In order to take advantage of saved time, it’s important to consider where the truck wash is located. 

When it comes to affordable prices, you’re going to notice a lesser cost when you visit a location-based truck wash. However, getting your fleet there may cost you more in time and fuel than you are willing to spend

Alternatively, mobile washing is perfect for getting your fleet cleaned quickly and efficiently – but this service often costs more than location-based truck washing. 

Determining which option is best for you and your company is all about weighing the pros and cons. It may be more to your benefit to visit a truck washing location but, unless they have convenient locations, a mobile wash may actually save you time and money in the end. 


“You get what you pay for” is a common phrase and can be directly applied to the truck washing business. 

If you’re looking to get value for your money, it is worth paying more for a truck washing company that has many years of experience and uses high-quality products that are environmentally friendly. 

So when you are trying to choose which truck washing company to go with, don’t focus solely on competitive prices. Make sure the price matches the quality of the work by paying attention to reviews and recommendations. 

How Much Should You Pay For Truck Washing Services? 

Most truck washing companies will charge an hourly rate, so you can expect to pay more for bigger jobs. This holds true for companies that charge by vehicle – the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the cost. 

However, you want to make sure the company you are dealing with has the skills and experience necessary to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently. 

Because every company offers different services and operates in different ways, it’s hard to provide a concrete cost for truck washing. 

So, to answer that question, you should pay whatever you can afford to get the service and quality you want for your fleet. 

That being said, service and quality are exactly what {Business Name} strives to provide to each of its customers.  

If you have any questions about truck washing prices or the services we provide, please contact us today for more information! 

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