What are the Major Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetes is a major problem that slowly damages the organs. The body mainly gets its energy from carbohydrates, also known as sugar. However, excessive amounts of sugar in the blood can lead to diabetes.  

You can manage diabetes by consuming ayurvedic medicine for sugar. These kinds of medicines are quite helpful and work without any side effects. Normally, diabetes seems harmless, but it can create some major complications too.  

Diabetic neuropathy is one of those complications which can damage the nerves. Since it damages the nerves, the entire body can become affected by this. Here, more about diabetic neuropathy and what the main causes of diabetic neuropathy are will be discussed. It will help you to avoid those things in the future.  

  • What can cause diabetic neuropathy, and what are the main risk factors?  

Diabetic neuropathy can be caused by multiple reasons. It can lead to some major complications. It totally damages the nervous system. So, eventually, it can damage your whole body. Legs and feet are especially vulnerable in this situation. 

 It can create numbness, burning sensations, or sharp pains in the legs. Also, some people feel tingling sensations and sensitivity while touching. It increases the risks of viral or bacterial infections or ulcers. However, you can avoid the factors that will be mentioned here to lower the risk of diabetic neuropathy.  

  1. If you have kidney problems– Sometimes diabetes can lead to kidney disease. However, if you are already suffering from kidney problems and get diabetes, the situation can worsen. It puts excess pressure on your kidney, which can damage the kidney further, and the situation becomes serious. You can try a low protein diet to save your kidney. Eventually, it will be able to remove toxins normally which can help with diabetic neuropathy.  
  1. If your blood sugar level is out of control – Uncontrollable blood sugar is the main cause of diabetes, and it is also the main cause of diabetic neuropathy. If you can control your blood sugar by changing your diet, then that’s best.  

Otherwise, you can use ayurvedic medicine for sugar. Check your blood sugar level on a regular basis and consult with your doctor about medications. These simple things can help you a lot.  

  1. If you are already suffering from nerve or vein disease – Diabetic neuropathy vastly damages your nerves and blood vessels. You can experience painful foot symptoms too. Moreover, bladder problems, heart issues, eye problems become very common in this stage.  
  1. How long you have been dealing with diabetes – If you are suffering from high blood sugar for a very prolonged time, then the chances of getting diabetic neuropathy is higher. A healthy diet plan with a healthy lifestyle can keep your blood sugar in control and lessen your symptoms. So, try to maintain it to lessen the risk of getting diabetic neuropathy.  

These are the main factors of diabetic neuropathy. It is not unavoidable. All you have to do is just keep monitoring the sugar levels at regular intervals. Blood sugar control is the main cause of diabetes. You can take medication prescribed by your doctor to control blood sugar.  

You can also try ayurvedic medicine for sugar. However, consult with your doctor before taking any medicine because everything doesn’t suit everyone. Try a healthy lifestyle with a healthy low-carb diet and light exercising. Hopefully, you will be able to win over your diabetes with all these methods.  

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