What are the ways to understand critical concepts in the school?

We see that the current state of affairs has caused a shifting tide from face-to-face instruction to online learning as well as out-of-the-classroom learning through online platforms; apps. We know that paper packets are being sent home as well as letters with communications; as well as other creative means to keep students learning. We see that educators have done a phenomenal job all over the world in transitioning to remote learning as well as are working diligently to meet the needs of each student in their classes at the same time. But we see that for emergent bilingual as well as multilingual students, many issues have arisen in terms of meeting their instructional needs. We know that the intent here is not to share specific resources, as myriad resources are available from a variety of sources as well. Rather, we see that there are a few critical concepts in instructing these students that hold for both face-to-face as well as distance learning at the same time, be it online or through paper packets, that we should always strive to consider as well embed into our instruction. We see that the fees management system can therefore be a good way to understand the data as well. We see that perhaps the first, as well as most critical consideration, is to consider the language proficiency levels of their students, and the linguistic demand embedded in the materials, tasks, activities, and so on. As they are considering and planning their instruction, which materials are available to them, and how they will deliver instruction, begin with not only the content that students need to learn, but also the language that students will need to be familiar with, including the words as well as phrases they will need to master to understand the content, and later demonstrate their learning as well. We see that the current learn-at-home scenario is something that may provide us with an opportunity to deepen our students’ background knowledge as well on a variety of topics. We see that the importance of background knowledge, as well as prior knowledge, cannot be underscored, as how much a person already knows about a topic will greatly impact how much they learn. In other words, we see that the more people know about a topic, the more they will learn about that topic when resented with new information as well. We are aware that there are many ways to help build background knowledge in students, even virtually as well. We see that having students read an article or book about a topic written at their independent reading level is an excellent way to both provide reading practice as well as build knowledge at the same time. We know that for texts that are written beyond students’ independent reading level, then reading a text aloud is another powerful strategy. We know that there are many resources for read-aloud available online, including videos of authors reading books as well. We see that teachers can also record themselves reading a book as well as send the video to their students as a way to make a more personal connection as well. We know that video clips are another engaging tool that can be utilized to provide students with new concepts, facts, as well as ideas. We know that anytime a person is providing instruction to emergent bilinguals as well as multilingual students, we need to ensure our instruction is comprehensible. We know that this is related to the earlier topic of linguistic demand as well as considering the proficiency level of our students. We see that there are a variety of strategies that are available to make instruction more comprehensible as well. We see that one of the most common is to include visual cues such as pictures or gestures to make the instruction more understandable as well. We see that videos can also be used for this purpose. Infographics as well can be an engaging tool to provide content while lowering the linguistic demand at the same time. The admission management software therefore can be a great tool to get things in one place as well.

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