When to see a Podiatrist in Sydney?

According to the report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the aging of Australian populations appears to be driving strong growth in the demand for podiatry services. There are more than 5000 podiatrists and podiatric surgeons in Australia. Australians aged 60 and above are more likely to consult a Podiatrist in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and other cities of Australia.

People often ignore their feet. They cannot see the issues developing because they don’t give the desired attention to their foot health. When having a toothache, people run to a dentist, but hardly a fraction of individuals seek out professional service when having sore feet. Sore feet are an average side effect of everyday activities; it is a common misconception and hence ignored. You might not know, but your feet house a quarter of the bones in your entire body in addition to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. This is what makes your feet highly vulnerable to injuries and diseases that can affect your quality of life.

Who is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a foot doctor, also called podiatric medicine or DPM. They are healthcare specialists who diagnose and treat medical conditions and injuries associated with the feet. Moreover, a Podiatrist can also diagnose and treat your lower limb and ankle problems. Some DPMs specialise in different areas of foot medicine, including surgery, wound care, sports medicine, corrective orthotics, skin or nail diseases, walking patterns, diabetes, pediatric, foot prosthetics, etc. If you are unsure whether to see a podiatrist or any other medical specialist, continue reading! This article talks about six signs when it is time to see a podiatrist. 

Six signs you need a podiatrist

Numbness, pain, or swelling in one foot

Suffering from swollen or sore feet after standing the whole day on your feet or after running a 10k race is quite normal. But if you experience sudden, unexplained pain, swelling, or numbness in one foot, it can be a sign of a severe problem and may need a trip to a podiatrist.

Continuous heel pain

There are many reasons why you have heel pain. It can be due to a heel spur- the bony growth on the heel or due to one of the tendons that connect to the heel may have got inflamed. So, if you have persistent pain, it is better to see a podiatrist for the proper diagnosis.

Ingrown toenail

Some people have persistently ingrown toenails that cause pain and infection. Though a few home treatments can give you some relief, it is better to see a podiatrist. The professional will safely remove the ingrown nail and provide medication to prevent infection. 

Fractures and sprains

Podiatrists are medical experts who specialise in treating broken bones, sprains, and strains in the foot or the ankle. They can diagnose your injury and provide better treatment for faster recovery. So if you experience swelling, redness, pain, or trouble walking following an injury, it is best to see a podiatrist.

Painful bunions, hammertoes, or corn

Bunions, hammertoes, or corn are the most common reasons people see a podiatrist in Sydney. These problems tend to get worse unless they are treated. A podiatrist can suggest effective treatments such as taping, padding, medication, cortisone injections (for pain), or even surgery as per your condition.  

Nail fungus

If the fungal infection of your toenail is left untreated, it may cause the nail to become thick and discoloured, and also it causes a risk of spreading to the other toenails. Pain in the foot can also be due to a fungal infection on a toenail. You need antifungal medication to treat, but it is advisable to consult a podiatrist first before starting medication for such an infection.

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