Where is the Best Gourmet Coffee Made in India?

Coffee! Just mention this word, and people start dreaming about hot cups of frothy and creamy coffee – pure joy! Whether it is served cold or hot, with or without milk, everyone has their unique way of drinking their gourmet coffee.  

In contrast to popular belief, many people drink coffee throughout India. Its production is indeed limited in the southern part, such as Chikmagalur gourmet coffee, but it is available in all aspects of the country through trusted dealers.  

Hence, to name any of the southern parts as the best gourmet coffee producer would be unfair to the other producing places. Before knowing about some famous gourmet coffee plantations, it is crucial to understand how gourmet coffee is different.  

This kind of coffee comes from 100% original Arabica beans, which gives the coffee a delicious aroma and great taste. These are different from regular coffees because regular coffees are made from robusta beans. They are produced faster and easier and hence cheaper.  

The Arabica beans require a cool, temperate climate in the highlands to grow, whereas Robusta beans grow in the lowlands and produce large crops for farmers. Now that the readers know what makes gourmet coffee special.  

Below are the top gourmet coffee plantations to get the best gourmet coffee in India. Check it out! 

  1. Monsooned Malabar AA 

Hundred of years ago, coffee beans were transported on a European ship by the Britishers. It was indeed an incredible adventure because it made India taste something that is enjoyed now and forever. Coffee beans began to swell due to the monsoon winds and the climate when they reached here, and they started changing color intensely.  

Fortunately, it changed the taste of the coffee to what we drink today. In addition to this, it was accepted by the then government for mass production and consumption locally. 

These coffee beans often swell up due to moisture. The therapeutic properties of coffee beans that they receive naturally due to the monsoon wind on the Westside of South India work well for the coffee beans. While drying, it makes it bitter and also adds an exotic flavor. It also reduces the acid in the beans and makes them aromatic. One can find Arabica beans plantation happening in Monsooned Malabar AA too. 

  1.  Mysore Extra Bold 

The Arabica beans are found in the magnificent Chamundi Hills located in Mysore. These beans are large, rarely found, and are among the best coffees people have today. Arabica coffee is ready after washing the rare, common Arabic beans in the Chikmagalur, Bababudangiri, and Shevaroys regions.  

Among the regions mentioned above, Chikmagalur gourmet coffee is very famous. The place is one of the oldest coffee plantations since the British Raj and is well known for Arabica coffees. They are almost bluish-green in appearance, but all one can get is a delicious aroma when served. Medium-sized arabica coffee beans give a unique taste with a mild spicy tinge. 


It’s a great time to be a coffee drinker in India, with abundant high-quality gourmet beans available. If anyone wishes to taste truly gourmet coffee, then India is the place to be, especially the southern part of it. They have everything that it takes to produce high-quality arabica beans, and they also provide a variety of aromatic and original gourmet blends.  

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