Why are VPNs used to watch Disney Plus Worldwide? 

It all boils down to licensing and copyright difficulties when it comes to streaming. Because Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu are mainly unavailable in many regions worldwide, these streaming giants are the perfect example of geo-restrictions. For example, you will be denied access due to licensing and copyright difficulties if you try to use Netflix in China, Disney Plus in the Philippines, or Hulu outside the United States directly. 

The most common application of geo-blocking is in the streaming industry. Still, it can also be used to prohibit access to social media, dating sites, news websites, and other websites. However, eventually Netflix and Disney Plus are gradually expanding to other countries like Disney Plus in Hongkong, Thailand was just recently launched there, and geo-restrictions weren’t imposed. 

However, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus aren’t available in many countries. So, using a premium VPN is the only way to securely access geo-restricted streaming sites in prohibited regions of the world. If you attempt to access such platforms from the geo-restricted areas, you will be immediately barred, as these streaming services may recognize your location when you access their content. 

Simple Ways to Bypass Geo-restrictions to Access Your Fav Streaming Site 

Because geo-restrictions are based solely on your IP address and geographic location, you must realize that the easiest way to bypass geo-restriction is to learn how to hide your IP address and location. I understand that possibly it can be hard to swallow for some of us to accept at first, but the following are the only simple ways to access geo-restricted content. 

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
  • DNS (Domain Name System) 
  • Proxy Servers 
  • The Onion Router Browser 

Now that you know you can unblock geo-restrictions, a VPN is a better option than Smart DNS, Proxy Servers, or TOR since VPNs are more secure and are less likely to slow down your browsing performance. So, if you’re wondering why you should stream with a VPN, here’s the reason: 

Why should I Stream with a VPN? 

VPNs are useful tools for circumventing geographical constraints. All of your network traffic is routed via the VPN provider’s reliable servers when you use a VPN. Furthermore, no one can track your traffic back to you since these servers have different IP addresses from your primary one, allowing you to impersonate your original geographic location. For example, you can modify your IP address to appear in the USA even though you are in China or anywhere. 

There’s no denying that faking your IP and location provides numerous benefits. Giant streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu don’t distribute their content outside of select locations due to copyright and licensing difficulties, while some only offer their range in specific regions. Some of the benefits of utilizing a VPN while streaming or accessing geo-restricted streaming services are listed below: 

  • You can increase the speed of your streaming. 
  • Stream content in private from any location. 
  • Access any restricted content safely. 
  • Get around censorship. 
  • Provide you with complete internet anonymity. 

Despite this significant development and the internet’s global nature, we are still subject to geo-restrictions based on our location. We feel that in the digital age, physical barriers have vanished and that the internet is a place where we may freely share and consume content no matter where we are. However, as geo-restrictions become more common in many parts of the world, internet freedom is eroding. 


Content providers, service providers, website developers, and everyone else who has anything online has embraced the “geo-restrictions” to prevent unwanted access who are geographically displaced. However, we recommend highly that you invest in a premium VPN. It is without a doubt the quickest, safest, and most effective way to access any geo-restricted content in your region, despite the fact that it requires a subscription price

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