Why Does My Kitty Love Chasing the Red Laser Dots?

Kitty cats love laser pointers! They immerse themselves in chasing the red dots (known as laser projections) and satisfy their need for a hunting adventure. Trailing these dots can be one of their favourite pastimes in the modern-day. A laser chase has immense benefits for the domesticated cat folks when made use of properly. However, you must pay close attention to your kitty’s moves, as she can hurt herself when busy with her quest. 

We know she may find it hard to contain her excitement. Feline parents must ensure she is safe throughout the running after dots. Else, she may have to deal with unnecessary injuries or accidents. With pet health insurance, your kitty is covered for such incidents and more. Buy cat insurance to help your kitty with the best regular and emergency health care. Pet health insurance supports your pet kitty with vet visits, vaccinations, medicines, diagnosis, treatment, dental care and much more.  

For now, we discuss a few common questions around cats and lasers. 

Why does your purr-friend love laser toys? 

The feline has a drive for hunting prey. Cats are natural predators and run around the place hoping to catch small rodents like rats, little birds, and tiny bugs. Do you remember the times when you wondered why your kitty was looking so intently at the crawling bugs on the floor or birds feasting on food at the bird feeder? It is precisely to hunt them down. You might have also noticed dead lizards, rats or bunnies occasionally on your lawn or your doormat. 

What are the guidelines for using a laser pointer toy safely? 

Make sure you use the toy to please her hunting instincts, and don’t stress her out in playing with the laser pointer. By the end of the playtime, she must be cheerful and not exhausted or injured. For instance, if your kitty has been a couch potato all the while, she may need her time to pick up the pace to trail the red dots. So, it would help if you took it slow. 

Don’t aim the pointer at your kitty’s eyes. Also, please don’t point it to enormous heights, as your kitty may be prone to accidents while trying to tail the red dot high up the walls. Understand your kitty’s limits and provide her with an enjoyable experience with the laser toy. 

It will significantly help if you know your kitty’s psychology while playing with the laser toy. For example, some cats may get demotivated quickly if they aren’t able to win the game. Other cats may not show any interest in a game that they can never win. By keeping the game more balanced, your kitty will enjoy the wins and losses. 

How do laser pointer toys benefit your furry friend? 

It provides your kitty mental stimulation, helps her lose weight, instils confidence when she wins a game, reduces aggressive behaviour, gives her considerable physical exercise, and helps her build bonds with other fluffy pets around. 

A laser pointer is a brilliant toy that engages your kitty pal adequately. It contributes to her health and wellness by stimulating her senses and exercising her. Along with a balanced diet and some laser pointer playtime, she can maintain a healthy weight. A sedentary pet is more likely to develop health issues. Have pet health insurance to guard your kitty’s health for now and the times to come. Purchase cat insurance, so you will have to shell out only a little of your savings for your kitty’s medical care. 

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